Bug #6327

devfsadm and bootadm taking long time for configs with large number of zvols

Added by Matthew Ahrens about 5 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

zfs - Zettabyte File System
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There are several problems here:
1. when running 'bootadm update-archive' I see that lots of time is spent in newfs. The problem here is that this call is using libdiskmgt to verify that the lofi device is not being used by anybody. Since the lofi device was just created the use of libdiskmgmt here is unnecessary.
2. devzvol_readdir() traverses every snapshot.

I looked at removing the snapshots from /dev/zvol by making a change in the zvol code. This does improve things but doesn't it solve it completely. In my investigation I still saw that mkfs would still try to lstat() every zvol snapshot even though the device node did not exist.

Digging further I think the real solution is to change the dev subsystem to prevent both pseudo and the /dev/zvol links from being created.

This change adds a tunable which disables creation of /dev/zvol links for snapshots. By default, the behavior is not changed, but if you don't need to access zvol snapshots through /dev/zvol, you can disable them for a nice performance improvement.


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commit  470bc2d6d44a4a70ed9403c0bce321333e897c31
Author: George Wilson <>
Date:   2016-07-14T19:11:34.000Z

    6327 devfsadm and bootadm taking long time for configs with large number of zvols
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