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IBM Model M Keyboard Support

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I have a lot of these Model M PS/2 keyboards and they actually are still manufactured by Unicomp at www.pckeyboard.com

Unfortunately they quit working with OpenSolaris and Solaris 10 several years ago. The num lock light comes on but even when plugged into a USB-PS/2 adapter they do not work in a text console even. Can anybody give me pointers on commands to run to dump information you need to fix this bug. It would be great if they worked in OpenIndiana. Thanks.


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Do they work in other operating systems with the USB adapter?

#2 Updated by Guido Berhörster about 7 years ago

I have two Model M (from 1994 and 1996) both of which work fine with OI on PS/2 and with a PS2/USB adapter. You should check your adapter and probably try a different one since that seems to be the more likely cause of the problem.

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+1 per Guido's statement (I have these keyboards as well). Closing ticket.

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