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Can't exit gdm to console mode

Added by James Deagle almost 5 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Hi all,

I have installed OI Hipster from the October 2015 iso, and have it patched up to the latest as of February 25.

My issue is that when I try to exit gdm to console mode by typing "# pfexec svcadm disable gdm", gdm will indeed shut down, but then I'm left with a black screen and a grey blinking cursor but no prompt (i.e. "$ _" or "# _"), let alone any console-based login. I tried leaving my machine for an extended period of time to see if this would eventually resolve itself, but no luck. For now my only way out of this is to do a hard reboot or shutdown, and this effectively renders the system GUI/gdm-only.



Updated by Nikola M. almost 5 years ago

Hi,Openindiana/illumos has Virtual Terminals (Virtual Consoles) , but they are not enabled by default.
Sshd should be enabled by default on fresh install, so you can log in to machine and enable VT consoles:

See Wiki article on enabling them, to use Ctrl+Alt+Fn to switch through them if you disabled gdb.

pfexec svcadm enable vtdaemon
for i in 2 3 4 5 6 ; do pfexec svcadm enable console-login:vt$i; done;
pfexec svccfg -s vtdaemon setprop options/hotkeys=true
pfexec svccfg -s vtdaemon setprop options/secure=false
(this disables console locking with password when switching, don't disable on server install)
pfexec svcadm refresh vtdaemon
pfexec svcadm restart vtdaemon

I propose this bug report to be resolved as invalid/feedback.


Updated by Nikola M. over 4 years ago

Proposed to resolve as Invalid, because OI defaults are that VT consoles are not enabled by default and needs to be enabled to work.


Updated by Alexander Pyhalov over 4 years ago

perhaps, could be related to console=text vs console=graphics settings in menu.lst


Updated by James Deagle over 4 years ago

Just today I reinstalled Hipster (October 2015 iso) and was able to patch it up to the latest revision (as of June 22, 2016), and found that this issue was resolved. :)


Updated by Aurélien Larcher over 4 years ago

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