Bug #6763

aclinherit=restricted masks inherited permissions by group perms (groupmask)

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(by Albert)

According to zfs(1M) description of the aclinherit property: "The property value restricted (the default) removes the write_acl and write_owner permissions when the ACL entry is inherited."

However, when aclinherit=restricted is set for a dataset, we apply similar behaviour to aclmode=groupmask when calculating the inherited permissions, which drops any ALLOW ACL entries not present in the UNIX permissions for the group (group@).

This was reported for FreeBSD, with an example:

This was already present after the aclmode removal and may reflect a change in aclinherit=restricted semantics that we don't have documented, although I'm not sure what purpose it serves.

When I restored aclmode I preserved this behaviour and actually corrected a bug:

It is unclear what the proper semantics should be.

Steps to Reproduce:
- Set aclmode=restricted on a dataset.
- Add ALLOW ACEs (for something other than owner@/group@/everyone@, such as a specific user or group) with file_inherit or directory_inherit and unset some corresponding permissions in the ACE for group@ on a parent directory.
- Possibly also set umask, if using a shell, to restrict group perms (not sure if this also causes the problem, perhaps worth trying separately).
- Create new files or directories in the parent directory and check their ACLs.

Expected Results:
ACLs should contain the original inherited ALLOW ACEs, not masked by group perms. Only write_acl and write_owner should be dropped as documented.

Actual Results:
Permissions not present in group@ will vanish in the newly created file.

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Precedes illumos gate - Bug #6875: fix zfs-tests ACL casesClosed2016-03-212016-03-21




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commit  851632d6a88d512574719953cc01ae7c2ed66b88
Author: Albert Lee <>
Date:   2016-04-20T15:33:54.000Z

    6763 aclinherit=restricted masks inherited permissions by group perms (groupmask)
    Reviewed by: Gordon Ross <>
    Reviewed by: Yuri Pankov <>
    Approved by: Richard Lowe <>

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