Bug #686

lighttpd and mod_magnet linking

Added by Anil Jangity about 4 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

Status:Closed Start date:2011-02-01
Priority:Normal Due date:2011-09-14
Assignee:OI Userland % Done:


Category:SFW (Solaris Freeware)
Target version:oi_151_stable Estimated time:8.00 hours
Difficulty:Bite-size Tags:lighttpd


I was trying to enable mod_magnet in my lighttpd 1.4.23 that came with oi_147 but there seems to be a problem with how mod_magnet is linked:

2009-12-29 23:29:31: (plugin.c.165) dlopen() failed for: /usr/lighttpd/1.4/lib/mod_magnet.soi
ld.so.1: lighttpd: fatal: relocation error: file /usr/lighttpd/1.4/lib/mod_magnet.so:
symbol luaL_checklstring: referenced symbol not found

This web site's solution worked for me!


Just throwing it out there so we can get this fixed in future releases.


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Assigning to "OI SFW" since this had not yet been assigned.

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You can pull in lua package as dependency of lighttpd:

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