Bug #7004

dmu_tx_hold_zap() does dnode_hold() 7x on same object

Added by Matthew Ahrens over 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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Using a benchmark which has 32 threads creating 2 million files in the same directory, on a machine with 16 CPU cores, and with a workaround for the object allocation issue described at:, I observed poor performance (~30,000 file creations per second). I noticed that `dmu_tx_hold_zap()` was using about 30% of all CPU, and doing `dnode_hold()` 7 times on the same object (the ZAP object that is being held).

`dmu_tx_hold_zap()` keeps a hold on the `dnode_t` the entire time it is running, in `dmu_tx_hold_t:txh_dnode`, so it would be nice to use the `dnode_t` that we already have in hand, rather than repeatedly calling `dnode_hold()`. To do this, we need to pass the `dnode_t` down through all the intermediate calls that `dmu_tx_hold_zap()` makes, making these routines take the `dnode_t*` rather than an `objset_t*` and a `uint64_t object` number. In particular, the following routines will need to have analogous `*_by_dnode()` variants created:

  • `dmu_buf_hold_noread()`
  • `dmu_buf_hold()`
  • `zap_lookup()`
  • `zap_lookup_norm()`
  • `zap_count_write()`
  • `zap_lockdir()`
  • `zap_count_write()`

This can improve performance on the benchmark described above by 100%, from 30,000 file creations per second to 60,000. (This improvement is on top of that provided by working around the object allocation issue. Peak performance of ~90,000 creations per second was observed with 8 CPUs; adding CPUs past that decreased performance due to lock contention.) The CPU used by `dmu_tx_hold_zap()` was reduced by 88%, from 340 CPU-seconds to 40 CPU-seconds.


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git commit 79d728325e257b05859d2eef4a4dfbefdce05a76

commit  79d728325e257b05859d2eef4a4dfbefdce05a76
Author: Matthew Ahrens <>
Date:   2016-09-03T02:44:44.000Z

    7004 dmu_tx_hold_zap() does dnode_hold() 7x on same object
    Reviewed by: Steve Gonczi <>
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