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It's 2016. Lets have a way to build a 64-bit only OS.

Added by Andrew Stormont over 7 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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The goal is to introduce a new build option, BUILD32, which can be disabled (export BUILD32=#) to disable building of 32-bit code. When this setting is disabled the build environment will default to producing 64-bit code (with the aid of ONLY64). 64-bit binaries will get installed into the default paths and creation of the 32/64-bit subdirectories/symlinks will be disabled (see BIARCH).

New build options:

NOT_BUILD64 - Opposite of BUILD64

BUILD32 - 32-bit counterpart to BUILD64.

NOT_BUILD32 - Opposite of BUILD32.

ONLY64 - Enabled with BUILD32=# *

NOT_ONLY64 - Opposite of ONLY64.

ONLY32 - Enabled when BUILD64=#

NOT_ONLY32 - Opposite of ONLY32.

BIARCH - Enabled when both BUILD32 and BUILD64 are enabled.

*Note this option is repurposed from it's current use (to disable building of some 32-bit userspace components on SPARC) to enable automatic import of the 64-bit Makefile overrides.

Due to the size and scope of these changes it will be broken up into a series of subtasks.

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Feature #7192: Remove SPARC-only ONLY64 optionIn ProgressAndrew Stormont2016-07-18


Related issues

Related to illumos gate - Bug #1681: support for BUILD64=# no longer worksIn Progress2011-10-23

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Updated by Igor Kozhukhov over 7 years ago

it is very-very early for these options.
in first time you have to try to fix 32bit userland apps to work in 64bit mode.
yes, you can build it in 64bit mode, but it will not work correctly, for example: nscd.
your proposed options can be usable only if you are able produce only 64bit usable application.

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Updated by Andrew Stormont over 7 years ago

  • Related to Bug #1681: support for BUILD64=# no longer works added
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Updated by Andrew Stormont over 7 years ago

These options won't get fully implemented until near the end of the task. That's probably quite a long way away considering all the work, testing and validation required.

You are right about there being a lot of code that's not 64-bit clean. I have patches for a few things (lp, make) but would not say no to some help.


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