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Virtual consoles should be enabled by default

Added by Matt Wilby over 11 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

Caiman (Installer)
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Very useful feature on Linux. Would be nice to see in OI.

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Updated by Garrett D'Amore over 11 years ago

I think the problem is that the code has problems -- there may be logindevperm problems, and I think overall the code for VC isn't 100% complete and bug free.

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Updated by Jim Klimov over 11 years ago

I second this motion that virtual consoles should be available.

Can't say regarding "bug-free", but they did work acceptably in SXCE when the feature was introduced (integrated into downloadable ISOs). They do not work for me now on oi_148a.

It seems I can switch to another console, but there's nothing there except the blinking cursor, and I can't successfully switch back to the original console. Also I can't switch between text and X11 consoles (I can drop from X11 to the blinking cursor screen, and never go back). The situation makes the machine console nearly useless after attempts to switch "virtual terminals", however I can SSH from another machine and restart "console-login" or "gdm" services as appropriate to get the interactive console back :)

I have roughly traced the SMF scripts and the programs they call, it seems they do what they should. So it may be a permissions/RBAC problem...

On a side note, "xconsole" occasionally fails to work and attach to console (from a root X11 session via "user -> su - root -> export DISPLAY=:0 ; xconsole"). I am not sure if this is anyhow related, maybe merely a coincidence.

//Jim Klimov

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Updated by Jim Klimov over 11 years ago

Also, and I'm not sure how related, occasionally when the keyboard is not touched for a few minutes, the screen goes blank (but not off as expected for a screensaver) and the X11 session falls back to text mode and never returns into graphics. Text mode console is also not available at that moment, so I have to either reset the machine or SSH into it to restart the console services.

It seems to have been caused by screensaver; at least disabling it stopped this type of problem for me.

The computer has an ATI Radeon graphics card, but I think I still had the default "vga" driver at that time.

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Updated by Julian Wiesener about 11 years ago

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not for 151

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Updated by Ken Mays almost 11 years ago

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Closed. Work out of scope for core oi-dev. Moving request to SFE & ISVs for further review.


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