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unable to override reported keyboard layout + apple keyboard support

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On a Mac-Mini with an apple keyboard connected, I'm unable to override the reported keyboard layout.

On PC hardware my plain old usb keyboard --can be-- overridden to another layout. On that same hardware but with OI running in VirtualBox, my keyboard in DDU is listed as "apple" and I'm not able to override the setting.

What's worse is that the layout chooser while booting the Live DVD actually lets you override the reported layout, and you setup the user account and password for a new install. Upon rebooting into the fresh install the layout you chose during the Live DVD is now back to <insert reported layout here> (in my case qwerty.)

So I am locked out of the system with a real Apple keyboard and with a plain usb keyboard that is reported Apple.

I have tested this on real Apple hardware, a Mac-Mini with an Apple keyboard and mouse.

I have also tested on hardware that gets reported as "Apple " in VirtualBox even though it is not Apple hardware. That is a strange thing just by itself.

The results are the same, and annoying.

A layout chooser on the gnome login screen would be great. Please let me know if there is anyway I can help troubleshoot this.


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Closing ticket. Test keyboard setup with Xserver. Tracking this as feature request (not bug).

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