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pulseaudio can't manage OSS

Added by Nikola M. almost 7 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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I was just chillin' trying to listen '96 Blackstreet - No Diggity on Firefox/Youtube using MATE desktop,
when suddenly I wanted to give more juice to the speakers, and realized that:

mate-volume-control can't bring up volume to the level bigger then set in gnome-volume-control.

(gnome-volume control also had an old bug where even set up to 100% for speakers, that won't be 100% on reboot, but could put it and volume level to 100%)

I received info from my homeboy alarcher on IRC, that it's probably for pulseaudio being r'tded.
and mixer in MATE ignores SunAudio/OSS because of pulsaudio.

Pussible workarounds:
-use audioctl to bring up the volume (audioctl show-control , audioctl show-device , audioctl set-control -d DeviceName volume XY )
-if still having Gnome installed, use gnome-volume-mixer
to crank up the volume.
Clever talents needed to fix this up. Peice!

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Updated by Nikola M. almost 7 years ago

Additional to this problem,
every time any application starts playing new audio
(like pausing VLC for several seconds, then resuming, Pidgin playing it's alert etc.)
, it always plays that new sound/song/audio with maximum volume set..

Not entertaining,
like while explaining to girlfriend why favorite series screamed on pause>resuming (even she now knows that OI has a bug).

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Updated by Aurélien Larcher almost 7 years ago

Unfortunately I cannot reproduce your issue so if you do not provide more information than circumstantial the problem has zero chance to be solved.

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Updated by Nikola M. almost 7 years ago

Without asking what information to provide, it would probably be provided in another way possible to describe problem.
What information do you need or thing could be provided?

It started behaving like that (always full volume) shortly before latest OI ISO snapshot :
Every new sound made on machine is at 100% volume.

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Updated by Alexander Pyhalov almost 7 years ago

Don't know, if it's directly related, but our pulseaudio seems to be a bit broken.
gnome-volume-control, as I understand, used gstreamer to get information about devices.
mate-volume-control rely on pulseaudio.
And pactl list doesn't show audio cards.

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Updated by Alexander Pyhalov over 6 years ago

  • Subject changed from mate-volume-control can't crank up the volume, pulseaudio ignoring SunAudio/OSS to pulseaudio can't manage OSS
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Updated by Nikola M. over 6 years ago

I think this is not fixed since
- volume control can't bring volume up from default 75% (as original report suggested)
- once it is put to 100% with audioctl, volume control can't set the volume level nor remember it for any new audio playing nor remembers volume level / Volume control can only control volume level during playback.
It seemed like fixed, but once audioctl is used, it lost control over remembering volume level.

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Updated by Nikola M. over 6 years ago

With recent changes (and no additional sound devices), it behaves normally now.

Yet Pulsaudio still can't manage OSS:
(e.g. when rebooting into older BE and using GNOME, then restart (or update?) to using MATE , 'Solaris PCm Sink is selected for output)
Workaround is to select audiohd#0 in Sound preferences for output and input.


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