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FMD msg URLs should refer to something visible

Added by Rich Lowe over 9 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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The message URLs previously at, and linked to by most FMA messages are now behind the Oracle support paywall.

The data for these messages is in the evreg gate, which was available on (and still is). We should adopt this gate and, at least initially, provide a simple mechanism to view these messages on somewhere.

I propose a simple CGI based on the internal (er_apache) CGIs as an initial measure, and anything more complex/good to follow.


pubmsg.cgi (1.92 KB) pubmsg.cgi crappy CGI Rich Lowe, 2011-03-03 03:00 PM



Updated by Rich Lowe over 9 years ago

If there are interested parties: I have the afformentioned crappy CGI in hand.


Updated by Roland Mainz over 9 years ago

Can you attach the CGI code, please ?


Updated by Rich Lowe over 9 years ago

Sure, attached. It's complete crap.
Cut down from msg.cgi and

after making sure pubmsg.cgi will be executed, etc.

Alias /msg/ /path/to/pubmsg.cgi/



Updated by Bryan Horstmann-Allen about 9 years ago

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Updated by Rich Lowe about 9 years ago

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Bryan was going to dig at this, and either deploy the shoddy script, or come up with an alternative, or something (recalling ancient conversation on IRC in the manner most likely to let me pass the buck).


Updated by Rich Lowe almost 9 years ago

  • Assignee changed from Bryan Horstmann-Allen to Joshua M. Clulow

Updated by Joshua M. Clulow almost 9 years ago

Wrote a node.js webapp to do this. It's now running.

I split out the FMA Message ID encode/decode code as a library: node-fmamsg

There are a few more issues to fix (styling, MSGID substitution, etc) but consider these URLs as 'committed' from now.


Updated by Joshua M. Clulow almost 9 years ago

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richlowe and I have cleaned up the web application powering the /msg URLs and it's on github here:

I'm presently working on a clean diff of illumos-gate to update the URLs, and then trying to find any applicable FMA test code/suites that should run.


Updated by Rich Lowe over 8 years ago

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Resolved in r13605 commit:b5c2b5db80d6

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