Bug #7745


print error if lzc_* is called before libzfs_core_init

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zfs - Zettabyte File System
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The problem is that consumers of `libZFS_Core` that forget to call
`libzfs_core_init()` before calling any other function of the library
are having a hard time realizing their mistake. The library's internal
file descriptor is declared as global static, which is ok, but it is not
initialized explicitly; therefore, it defaults to 0, which is a valid
file descriptor. If `libzfs_core_init()`, which explicitly initializes
the correct fd, is skipped, the ioctl functions return errors that do
not have anything to do with `libZFS_Core`, where the problem is
actually located.

Even though assertions for that existed within `libZFS_Core` for debug
builds, they were never enabled because the `-DDEBUG` flag was missing
from the compiler flags.

This patch applies the following changes:

1. It adds `-DDEBUG` for debug builds of `libZFS_Core` and `libzfs`,
to enable their assertions on debug builds.
2. It corrects an assertion within `libzfs`, where a function had
been spelled incorrectly (`zpool_prop_unsupported()`) and nobody
knew because the `-DDEBUG` flag was missing, and the preprocessor
was taking that part of the code away.
3. The library's internal fd is initialized to `-1` and `VERIFY`
assertions have been placed to check that the fd is not equal to
`-1` before issuing any ioctl. It is important here to note, that
the `VERIFY` assertions exist in both debug and non-debug builds.
4. In `libzfs_core_fini` we make sure to never increment the
refcount of our fd below 0, and also reset the fd to `-1` when no
one refers to it. The reason for this, is for the rare case that
the consumer closes all references but then calls one of the
library's functions without using `libzfs_core_init()` first, and
in the mean time, a previous call to `open()` decided to reuse
our previous fd. This scenario would have passed our assertion in
non-debug builds.
5. Once the `ASSERTION` macros were enabled again, two tests from
the test suite were failing in `libzfs_sendrecv.c` at a
`ZIO_CHECKSUM_IS_ZERO` check within `dump_record()`. We now zero
the kernel filled checksums in all `dmu_replay_record`s that we
read in `cksummer()`, except the ones that are of type
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git commit 7c13517fff71be473e47531ef4330160c042bedc

commit  7c13517fff71be473e47531ef4330160c042bedc
Author: Serapheim Dimitropoulos <>
Date:   2017-01-18T22:47:18.000Z

    7745 print error if lzc_* is called before libzfs_core_init
    Reviewed by: Pavel Zakharov <>
    Reviewed by: Matthew Ahrens <>
    Approved by: Dan McDonald <>


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