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The mhd man page says:

ioctl(fd, MHIOCGRP_CLEAR, (mhioc_resv_key_t) *r);
Issues  the    SCSI-3 command Persistent Reserve Out Clear. The input
parameter r is the reservation key of the caller, which should have
been already registered with the device, by an earlier call to
MHIOCGRP_REGISTER. (Note: This command is not implemented).

We should go ahead and implement this. To support it, we've received a code contribution from opensvc.com which needs to be reviewed and integrated.

Related issues

Related to illumos gate - Bug #838: MHIOC_CLEAR is implemented now Resolved 2011-03-18


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date: Fri Mar 18 20:20:57 2011 -0700
785 implement MHIOCGRP_CLEAR
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