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Multiple output in audio device

Added by Juan Jose Presa Rodal about 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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Hi, previously, in solaris 10, installing OSS drivers, I can use separately the different outputs of my multi-channel sound card. But in Illumos distro the sound card is recognized and works but only have one device.

This is the solaris 10 output of 'cat /dev/sndstat'

-bash-4.3# cat /dev/sndstat
OSS 4.2 (b 2011/201501280019) (C) 4Front Technologies 1996-2011

Audio devices:
0: HD Audio play front (OUTPUT)
1: HD Audio play center/LFE (OUTPUT)
2: HD Audio play rear (OUTPUT)
3: HD Audio rec rec1mux (INPUT)
4: HD Audio rec rec2mux (INPUT)

MIDI devices:

0: High Definition Audio STAC9221 A1

NOTICE! Device numbers shown above may be wrong.
Use the ossinfo command to find out the correct device names.

and from illumos:

root@xxxxxx:/root# cat /dev/sndstat
SunOS Audio Framework

Audio Devices:
0: audiohd#0 Intel HD Audio, ICH7 (DUPLEX)

0: audiohd#0 Intel HD Audio, ICH7
HD codec: Sigmatel STAC9220D

then, how can I send audio to a specific output?

Thanks in advance.

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Updated by Nikola M. about 6 years ago

Hi, Can you state what illumos distro you are using and illumos checkout hash from uname -a ,
and osnet-incorporation and usernet-incorporation versions if you are on newest updated Openindiana /hipster with newest illumos to report bug.

I am also on ICH7 and I reported a bug about volume control with pulseaudio:
when having multiple audio devices (in my case if I also have a webcam).

See 'audioctl list-devices' and 'audioctl show-device' , to tell if it sees multiple audio devices or not.
Could be it is about pulseaudio port but depends on your illumos distro.

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Updated by Juan Jose Presa Rodal about 6 years ago

Yes, and thanks for your interest, I am using Tribblix:

  1. uname -a
    SunOS foobar 5.11 tribblix-m18 i86pc i386 i86pc

I am not sure about kernel hash or osnet, usenet incorporation versions but I think that Tribblix is synced with upstream.

  1. audioctl list-devices
  1. audioctl show-device
    Device: /dev/sound/audiohd:0mixer
    Name = audiohd#0
    Config = Intel HD Audio (ICH7)
    HW Info = HD codec: Sigmatel STAC9220D

Maybe I can test with a more widespread distribution but I remember the same problem.
Thanks in advance.

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Updated by Peter Tribble about 6 years ago

The audio code in Tribblix is pure unmodified illumos-gate (commit d2c5b266b717b923ea0e28b925ddb8e66dd98b42 for the current release).

Mind you, I don't think any of the distros modify any of the audio code, and in general it hasn't been touched in a long time. . So everyone should be the same at the device level. Although OI has smarter applications available such as pulseaudio.


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