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OpenChrome 0.6.x drivers

Added by Ken Mays over 6 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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Test OpenChrome 0.6.0 drivers on OI.


oi-openchrome-0.6.107-32bit.tar.xz (124 KB) oi-openchrome-0.6.107-32bit.tar.xz OpenChrome 0.6.107 32-bit video driver Ken Mays, 2017-04-12 03:43 PM
oi-openchrome-20171010.tar.xz (208 KB) oi-openchrome-20171010.tar.xz Openchrome 0.6.161 drivers Ken Mays, 2017-10-10 10:18 PM
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Updated by Ken Mays over 6 years ago

The openChrome driver supports the following VIA/S3G UniChrome Pro and UniChrome IGPs: CLE266, KM400/KN400/KM400A/P4M800,
CN400/PM800/PN800/PM880, K8M800, CN700/VM800/P4M800Pro, CX700, P4M890, K8M890,
P4M900/VN896/CN896, VX800, VX855 and VX900.

The driver includes 2D acceleration and Xv video overlay extensions.
Flat panel, TV, and VGA outputs are supported, depending on the hardware

Built a Xorg openChrome 0.6.107 32-bit video driver for testing.

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Updated by Ken Mays over 6 years ago

OpenChrome DDX Version 0.6 (March 7th, 2017)

OpenChrome DDX Version 0.6 is an improved version of OpenChrome DDX
Version 0.5 with a number of improvements made to the code. OpenChrome
DDX Version 0.6 is written in a way to completely replace Version
0.2.904 through 0.5.

OpenChrome DDX Version 0.6 has added the following new features.

- First official support for CX700, VX700, and VX800 chipsets
integrated TMDS transmitter (i.e., DVI support)
- Initial support for Silicon Image SiI 164 TMDS transmitter

OpenChrome DDX Version 0.6 has the following improvements.

- Improved FP reinitialization when resuming from standby
(HP 2133 Mini-Note, FIC CE260 / CE261 based netbooks like
Everex CloudBook and Sylvania g netbook)
- Improved automatic detection of display resources
- Improved X Server stability in dual monitor mode
- Automatic active steering of the display controller channel to the
correct display output device

OpenChrome Version 0.5 (July 6th, 2016)

Based on OpenChrome Version 0.4.0 code, OpenChrome Version 0.5 fixes
several bugs while adding two new features.

- Major code cleanup
- Removal of more manual options (BusWidth, ForcePanel, and AccelMethod)
- Fix for runtime screen resolution change X.Org Server crash bug
- Fix for CLE266 chipset not being able to function correctly if
"CRT + TV" option was chosen in BIOS setup
- Initial support for VIA Technologies VT1632A TMDS transmitter for DVI
- Initial support for multiple display output (i.e., RandR)

OpenChrome Version 0.4.0 (March 31st, 2016)

OpenChrome Version 0.4.0 is a major break from the past versions where
configuring the display resources were done manually. Now the displays
are detected mostly automatically, although a few manual options still
remain. These will be retired in the near future. Besides that, two
alternative mode setting options were discontinued (VBE mode setting
and "legacy" mode setting), in order to simplify the code. A regression
affecting those with a DVI to VGA adapter, which appeared in OpenChrome
Version 0.3.x, is now fixed. More importantly, devices that were not
registered with a known device table (a large table that is located
internally inside the code) used to crash during boot time, but since
this table was removed completely, this bug does not appear anymore.

- Removal of VBE (VESA BIOS Extension) mode setting
(removal of VBEModes and VbeSaveRestore options)
- Removal of "legacy" mode setting
(removal of ModeSwitchMethod option)
- Removal of ActiveDevice option
- Removal of ForcePanel option
- Removal of PanelSize option
- Removal of a known device table internally
- Mostly automatic display detection
- Fix for a regression affecting those with DVI to VGA adapter
- Fix for a boot time crash for devices that were not on the known
device table
- Fix for a possible OLPC XO-1.5 detection issue (untested)
- Fix for various small compilation warnings / errors
OpenChrome DDX Version 0.6 fixes the following bugs.

- Fix for the disruption of the VT (Virtual Terminal) screen bug
introduced in Version 0.5
- Fix for HP 2133 Mini-Note's PCIe WLAN getting turned off
inadvertently bug introduced in Version 0.5

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Openchrome 0.6.161 32/64-bit drivers


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