Bug #8495

nvmeadm does not seem to handle EUI64 namespace identifiers properly

Added by Moinak Ghosh over 1 year ago.

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While testing with a Micron card nvmeadm was unable to handle the EUI64 namespace identifier and started throwing errors.
For example:
  1. nvmeadm identify nvme1/cfe000030e791300
    nvmeadm: invalid namespace cfe000030e791300
    nvme1: Identify Controller
    Controller Capabilities and Features
    Serial: P60727043123

The attached patch makes it handle EUI64 identifier strings as opposed to namespace numbers. I did basic testing with identify, get-features and get-logpage which is what we need.
Though, I am not sure if everything is handled or this is the proper approach.

Details of the Micron card:
  1. nvmeadm list
    nvme1: model: MTFDHAX2T4MCF-1AN1ZABYY, serial: P60727043123, FW rev: 0091634, NVMe v1.1
    nvme1/cfe000030e791300 (c1tCFE000030E791300d0): Size = 2289272 MB, Capacity = 2289272 MB, Used = 2289272 MB

nvmeadm_eui64.diff Magnifier (3.12 KB) Moinak Ghosh, 2017-07-14 04:21 PM

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