Bug #8508

Mounting a zpool on 32-bit platforms panics

Added by Justin Hibbits over 3 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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Mounting a zpool on a 32-bit system triggers a panic in spa_history_log_version() due to a type format mismatch for ZPL_VERSION. ZPL_VERSION is a unsigned long long, but the format expects an integer. On 64-bit platforms this may not be an issue due to word size and alignment. On 32-bit platforms a word size is half that of a long long, causing the second word of the long long to be seen as the string pointer for utsname.nodename.


Updated by Vitaliy Gusev over 3 years ago

Justin, could you attach a stack dump of the panic ?


Updated by Justin Hibbits over 3 years ago

Vitaliy, here's the backtrace (pulled from a pastebin I posted when I hit it):

fatal kernel trap:

   exception       = 0x300 (data storage interrupt)
   virtual address = 0x4
   esr             = 0x0
   srr0            = 0xc054f4f8
   srr1            = 0x21000
   lr              = 0xc04a44e4
   curthread       = 0xcf4abae0
          pid = 737, comm = zpool

[ thread pid 737 tid 100104 ]
Stopped at      strlen+0x20:    lwz     r11, 0x0(r8)
db> bt
Tracing pid 737 tid 100104 td 0xcf4abae0
0xfe79f3b0: at kvprintf+0xa74
0xfe79f470: at vsnprintf+0x44
0xfe79f490: at spa_history_create_obj+0x76c
0xfe79f4d0: at spa_history_log_internal+0xf4
0xfe79f520: at spa_history_log_version+0x94
0xfe79f550: at spa_create+0x904
0xfe79f5c0: at zfs_set_prop_nvlist+0x1278
0xfe79f610: at zfs_secpolicy_share+0x954
0xfe79f670: at dev2udev+0x3b0
0xfe79f6b0: at VOP_IOCTL_APV+0x134
0xfe79f6d0: at vn_open+0x1c8
0xfe79f7c0: at devfs_unmount_final+0x5e0
0xfe79f7e0: at kern_ioctl+0x2c4
0xfe79f830: at sys_ioctl+0x128
0xfe79f8f0: at trap+0x49c
0xfe79fa80: user SC trap by 0x41a93ab8: srr1=0x202d000
            r1=0x7fffaf60 cr=0x24022048 xer=0 ctr=0x41a93ab0

This is on FreeBSD 12-CURRENT as of last week, on powerpc.powerpcspe arch.


Updated by Electric Monk over 3 years ago

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git commit b11fe8c01471a5bff68e83e1fe5f809ad16b3be8

commit  b11fe8c01471a5bff68e83e1fe5f809ad16b3be8
Author: Justin Hibbits <>
Date:   2017-07-25T19:16:48.000Z

    8508 Mounting a zpool on 32-bit platforms panics
    Reviewed by: Matt Ahrens <>
    Approved by: Dan McDonald <>

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