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want memset_s(3C)

Added by Yuri Pankov 26 days ago. Updated 10 days ago.

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memset_s is C11 addition, and is already required by some software out there (libressl?).

FreeBSD has recently introduced it, so we can port their implementation.


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#1 Updated by Yuri Pankov 26 days ago

  • Related to Feature #4869: need libc secure enhancements for libressl added

#2 Updated by Robert Mustacchi 25 days ago

Are we going to need to implement the whole of Annex K?

#3 Updated by Yuri Pankov 25 days ago

I think that memset_s() and the constraint handlers that it needs can be done separately (as was done in FreeBSD), and will set a start for other parts.

#4 Updated by Yuri Pankov 23 days ago

Re-reading the standard, looks like we guarantee all of the bounds-checked functions to be available only if we define __STDC_LIB_EXT1__, so with partial implementation we can avoid the definition for the moment.

#5 Updated by Yuri Pankov 10 days ago

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