Bug #8589

zfs send | recv crashes receiving system

Added by O F about 1 year ago.

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I'm raising this bug as it causes a receiving sytem to crash / hang. It seems this issue has been reported before and a fix was provided, but the provided fix doesn't solve the problem.


Currently this bug is keeping us from sending zfs datasets to a nexenta system. The nexenta system gets stuck as soon as we run:

zfs send tank/test@today | ssh nexenta03 zfs recv nexenta03-test/test

and needs to be completely restarted. I don't know if other receiving systems are also affected by this.

I raised a ticket with nexenta but they will not fix it in version 4.x. They might have a fix in 5.1 but currently upgrading is not an option for us as the fix will be released earliest in 2-3 months time.

Please help.

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