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Man pages contain various errors

Added by C Fraire over 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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I have found man pages with some problems as summarized below:

Escaping fixes
cputrack.1 elfedit.1 nm.1 od.1 in.rshd.1m pppd.1m
ldap_search.3ldap papiJobSubmit.3papi libpicl.3picl
slp_api.3slp connect.3socket gl_get_line.3tecla st.7d

Punctuation fixes
at.1 ctags.1 ksh93.1 ldap.1 mdb.1 pack.1 pax.1
srchtxt.1 symorder.1 in.ndpd.1m mount_tmpfs.1m
mount_udfs.1m getacct.2 dlinfo.3c getws.3c
pthread_getschedparam.3c sem_timedwait.3c strtod.3c
vprintf.3c cpc_bind_event.3cpc cpc_getcpuver.3cpc
dat_evd_dequeue.3dat regexpr.3gen gss_export_name.3gss
regex.h.3head kvm_read.3kvm atan2.3m t_error.3nsl
SLPReg.3slp spray.3socket contract.4 privileges.5
regexp.5 ssd.7d tzmon.7d ugen.7d copyin.9f gld.9f
ldi_prop_get_int.9f net_getlifaddr.9f
usb_get_max_pkts_per_isoc_request.9f usb_pipe_ctrl_xfer.9f
usb_pipe_get_state.9f usb_completion_reason.9s

Font decoration fixes
audioctl.1 head.1 localedef.1 make.1 auditconfig.1m
auditd.1m ipdadm.1m latencytop.1m mount_pcfs.1m
mountall.1m pbind.1m ping.1m poolcfg.1m psrset.1m
scadm.1m fcntl.2 catopen.3c ctype.3c dup2.3c fopen.3c
mblen.3c mkfifo.3c port_associate.3c
posix_spawn_pipe_np.3c seekdir.3c string.3c
rpc_gss_get_principal_name.3nsl accept.3socket
send.3socket core.4 driver.conf.4 exec_attr.4 slp.conf.4
mansun.5 zpool-features.5 usbsksp.7d usbsprl.7d
virtualkm.7d ipsecah.7p usb_reset_device.9f

Whitespace fixes
cat.1 chmod.1 rsh.1 tnfdump.1 autopush.1m format.1m
fsck.1m fstyp.1m in.rarpd.1m lpget.1m lpshut.1m
luxadm.1m mount_hsfs.1m printmgr.1m rmt.1m saf.1m
svcadm.1m syncinit.1m th_manage.1m uucheck.1m uuxqt.1m
getopt.3c towupper.3c doconfig.3nsl SLPUnescape.3slp
TNF_DECLARE_RECORD.3tnf a.out.4 charmap.5 prof.5
scsa1394.7d ipsecesp.7p WR.9f copyout.9f ddi_copyin.9f
ddi_copyout.9f delay.9f flushq.9f insq.9f pullupmsg.9f
qreply.9f testb.9f

^G replacements, .TH standardizations (per git-pbchk)
acos.3m acosh.3m asin.3m asinh.3m atan.3m atanh.3m
cabs.3m cacos.3m cacosh.3m carg.3m casin.3m casinh.3m
catan.3m catanh.3m cbrt.3m ccos.3m ccosh.3m ceil.3m
cexp.3m cimag.3m clog.3m conj.3m copysign.3m cos.3m
cosh.3m cpow.3m cproj.3m creal.3m csin.3m csinh.3m
csqrt.3m ctan.3m ctanh.3m erf.3m erfc.3m exp.3m
exp2.3m expm1.3m fabs.3m fdim.3m feclearexcept.3m
fegetenv.3m fegetexceptflag.3m fegetround.3m
feholdexcept.3m feraiseexcept.3m fesetprec.3m
fetestexcept.3m feupdateenv.3m fex_merge_flags.3m
fex_set_handling.3m fex_set_log.3m floor.3m fma.3m
fmax.3m fmin.3m fmod.3m fpclassify.3m frexp.3m hypot.3m
ilogb.3m isfinite.3m isgreater.3m isgreaterequal.3m
isinf.3m isless.3m islessequal.3m islessgreater.3m
isnan.3m isnormal.3m isunordered.3m j0.3m ldexp.3m
lgamma.3m llrint.3m llround.3m log.3m log10.3m log1p.3m
log2.3m logb.3m lrint.3m lround.3m matherr.3m modf.3m
nan.3m nearbyint.3m nextafter.3m pow.3m remainder.3m
remquo.3m rint.3m round.3m scalb.3m scalbln.3m
signbit.3m significand.3m sin.3m sincos.3m sinh.3m
sqrt.3m tan.3m tanh.3m tgamma.3m trunc.3m y0.3m
vatan2_.3mvec vatan_.3mvec vcos_.3mvec vcospi_.3mvec
vexp_.3mvec vhypot_.3mvec vlog_.3mvec vpow_.3mvec
vrhypot_.3mvec vrsqrt_.3mvec vsin_.3mvec vsincos_.3mvec
vsincospi_.3mvec vsinpi_.3mvec vsqrt_.3mvec vz_abs_.3mvec
vz_exp_.3mvec vz_log_.3mvec vz_pow_.3mvec

Other fixes
ldapdelete.1 ldapmodify.1 ldapmodrdn.1 ldapsearch.1
shell_builtins.1 dhcpagent.1m mount.1m pppdump.1m
rcapadm.1m tcpdchk.1m tcpdmatch.1m zonecfg.1m
hosts_access.3 epoll_ctl.3c gettext.3c memory.3c
sasl_getopt_t.3sasl bltos.3tsol gateways.4 hosts_access.4
hosts_options.4 tecla.5 prnio.7i

^E.g., mangled font decoration in ldap*.1 and epoll_ctl.3c, mangled comment in tcpdmatch.1m, erroneous escaping with related content error in tecla.5, particularly irregular font decoration in rcapadm.1m, etc.

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git commit d042c5a26452797afc4fe8c2ceddebff94d88745

commit  d042c5a26452797afc4fe8c2ceddebff94d88745
Author: Chris Fraire <>
Date:   2017-09-21T13:54:02.000Z

    8591 Man pages contain various errors
    Reviewed by: Toomas Soome <>
    Approved by: Robert Mustacchi <>


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