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8585 can cause a use-after-free kernel panic

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zfs - Zettabyte File System
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There's a race condition that exists if `zil_free_lwb` races with either
`zil_commit_waiter_timeout` and/or `zil_lwb_flush_vdevs_done`.

Here's an example panic due to this bug:

> ::status
debugging crash dump vmcore.0 (64-bit) from ip-10-110-205-40
operating system: 5.11 dlpx- (i86pc)
image uuid: 4af0edfb-e58e-6ed8-cafc-d3e9167c7513
panic message:
BAD TRAP: type=e (#pf Page fault) rp=ffffff0010555970 addr=60 occurred in module "zfs" due to a NULL pointer dereference
dump content: kernel pages only
> $c
zil_lwb_write_issue+0x30d(ffffff03dcd15cc0, ffffff03e0730e20)
zil_commit_waiter_timeout+0xa2(ffffff03dcd15cc0, ffffff03d97ffcf8)
zil_commit_waiter+0xf3(ffffff03dcd15cc0, ffffff03d97ffcf8)
zil_commit+0x80(ffffff03dcd15cc0, 9a9)
zfs_write+0xc34(ffffff03dc38b140, ffffff0010555e60, 40, ffffff03e00fb758, 0)
fop_write+0x5b(ffffff03dc38b140, ffffff0010555e60, 40, ffffff03e00fb758, 0)
write+0x250(42, fffffd7ff4832000, 2000)

If there's an outstanding lwb that's in `zil_commit_waiter_timeout`
waiting to timeout, waiting on it's waiter's CV, we must be sure not to
call `zil_free_lwb`. If we end up calling `zil_free_lwb`, then that LWB
may be freed and can result in a use-after-free situation where the
stale lwb pointer stored in the `zil_commit_waiter_t` structure of the
thread waiting on the waiter's CV is used.

A similar situation can occur if an lwb is issued to disk, and thus in
the `LWB_STATE_ISSUED` state, and `zil_free_lwb` is called while the
disk is servicing that lwb. In this situation, the lwb will be freed by
`zil_free_lwb`, which will result in a use-after-free situation when the
lwb's zio completes, and `zil_lwb_flush_vdevs_done` is called.

This race condition is prevented in `zil_close` by calling `zil_commit`
before `zil_free_lwb` is called, which will ensure all outstanding (i.e.
all lwb's in the `LWB_STATE_OPEN` and/or `LWB_STATE_ISSUED` states)
reach the `LWB_STATE_DONE` state before the lwb's are freed
(`zil_commit` will not return untill all the lwb's are

Further, this race condition is prevented in `zil_sync` by only calling
`zil_free_lwb` for lwb's that do not have their `lwb_buf` pointer set.
All lwb's not in the `LWB_STATE_DONE` state will have a non-null value
for this pointer; the pointer is only cleared in
`zil_lwb_flush_vdevs_done`, at which point the lwb's state will be
changed to `LWB_STATE_DONE`.

This race is present in `zil_suspend`, leading to this bug.

At first glance, it would appear as though this would not be true
because `zil_suspend` will call `zil_commit`, just like `zil_close`, but
the problem is that `zil_suspend` will set the zilog's `zl_suspend`
field prior to calling `zil_commit`. Further, in `zil_commit`, if
`zl_suspend` is set, `zil_commit` will take a special branch of logic
and use `txg_wait_synced` instead of performing the normal `zil_commit`

This call to `txg_wait_synced` might be good enough for the data to
reach disk safely before it returns, but it does not ensure that all
outstanding lwb's reach the `LWB_STATE_DONE` state before it returns.
This is because, if there's an lwb "stuck" in
`zil_commit_waiter_timeout`, waiting for it's lwb to timeout, it will
maintain a non-null value for it's `lwb_buf` field and thus `zil_sync`
will not free that lwb. Thus, even though the lwb's data is already on
disk, the lwb will be left lingering, waiting on the CV, and will
eventually timeout and be issued to disk even though the write is

So, after `zil_commit` is called from `zil_suspend`, we incorrectly
assume that there are not outstanding lwb's, and proceed to free all
lwb's found on the zilog's lwb list. As a result, we free the lwb that
will later be used `zil_commit_waiter_timeout`.

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Author: Prakash Surya <>
Date:   2017-12-15T22:57:30.000Z

    8909 8585 can cause a use-after-free kernel panic
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