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Gnome 3.0

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As Gnome 3.0 has been released by the Gnome Development team will OpenIndiana be including Gnome 3.0 into a b150 release for evaluation.

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Updated by Julian Wiesener almost 10 years ago

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Since we're using JDS (Oracles Gnome Distribution) we'll depend on when our Upstream is switching to Gnome 3.

Using pkgsrc may be an workarround for the mean time.

Check if ther is Gnome 3 on the Roadmap for JDS


Updated by Guido Berhörster almost 10 years ago

I'm afraid, porting and integrating GNOME 3.0 is a massive undertaking for which the OI core developers currently lack the manpower.
The most likely way of getting it would be via Oracle. Usually new GNOME versions are integrated in a branch of the JDS repo. I don't know anything about Oracles plans on GNOME 3.0 and currently the externally visible SVN repo does not have any such branch.


Updated by Ken Mays almost 10 years ago

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The plan by GNOME dev beforehand was for major desktop migrations to start at GNOME 3.2 release versus the GNOME 3.0 initial release. The JDS team mentioned doing this awhile ago as well (current status may have changed). Consider review of this 'RFE' during Q4 2011.


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JDS builds follow upstream commits, so not applicable for oi_151a. Consider this for a separate build project package for GNOME on OI.


Updated by Ken Mays over 9 years ago

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Updated by Ken Mays about 9 years ago

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The latest JDS consolidation, as of today, is still based on GNOME 2.30.2.
No plans to use GNOME 3.0 for the OI stable release.

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