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Simplify SMAP relocations with krtld

Added by Robert Mustacchi over 4 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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Today, SMAP is enabled and disabled by making a function call to smap_enable and smap_disable at the appropriate times. It would be cleaner, and faster, to simply arrange for the appropriate instructions to appear in place of those calls. We can achieve this in krtld by adjusting the program text in a similar fashion to that used for DTrace SDT probe sites.

Summary of Changes

  • ia32:
  • The old definitions of "smap_enable" and "smap_disable" are removed. These empty definitions are replaced by stubs created in /usr/src/uts/i86pc/Makefile.rules.
  • krtld:
  • krtld now ignores the symbols, "smap_enable" and "smap_disable" for AMD64 machines. Currently SMAP is not supported for i386 machines running illumos.
  • A new functionality is introduced: "hotinlines". This is a list of symbols we would like to have replaced with inlined assembly instructions. Note that these instructions can be no larger than the original call. In the case of "smap_enable" and "smap_disable" this is 5 bytes. This list is now part of the module struct in /usr/src/uts/common/sys/kobj.h.
  • In the relocation phase of module loading, we now construct a list of these "hotinlines", by noting the addresses of calls to "smap_enable" or "smap_disable". Upon creation of a new hotinline, the location of the original call is replaced with NOPs.
  • These "hotinlines" are then performed by do_hotinlines() just before the module is started in /usr/src/uts/common/os/modctl.c.
  • The "unix" module is started in a different code path than other modules such as "dtrace". Thus "hotinlines" are performed just before SMAP itself is enabled in /usr/src/uts/i86pc/os/startup.c.

Because this feature is only supported on AMD64 machines with SMAP it is
important to test several types of machines. Most importantly:

  • AMD64 machines w/SMAP
  • AMD64 machines w/o SMAP
    Because this code affects machine independent code, we should also test other architectures and platforms, in particular Xen and i386 machines.

Test procedures:

    Boot to kmdb
        Run: startup_smap::dis
        Success for machines that support SMAP:
            The "smap_enable" at the end of the function should be replaced with: "clac, nop, nop" 
        Success for machines that do not support SMAP, the "smap_enable" at the end of the function should be replaced with: "nop, nop, nop, nop, nop" 
        Failure: Crash
    Boot to login
        Run: mdb -k; dtrace_copy::dis
        Success for machines that support SMAP:
            The "smap_disable" at the beginning of the function should be replaced with: "stac, nop, nop" 
            The "smap_enable" at the end of the function should be replaced with: "clac, nop, nop" 
        Success for machines that do not support SMAP:
            The "smap_disable" at the beginning of the function should be replaced with: "nop, nop, nop, nop, nop" 
            the "smap_enable" at the end of the function should be replaced with: "nop, nop, nop, nop, nop" 
        Failure: Crash

Machines Tested

  • Boot VMWare Fusion (AMD64 SMAP supported): PASS
  • Boot AMD64 machine w/o SMAP supported: PASS
  • Purposefully dereference a userspace pointer on a SMAP-enabled machine. PASS
  • Purposefully derefernce a userspace pointer on a machine without SMAP. PASS
  • Boot with disable_smap =1 (on SMAP enabled machine) PASS

Robert Mustacchi shipped me a driver to test out SMAP. Here is the output from a driver that attempts to dereference a userspace address. This proves SMAP is working correctly on machines that support it.

[root@00-0c-29-58-5d-8d /zones/home/vmloop-smap-new]# ./a.out

panic[cpu0]/thread=ffffff01ab3770c0: BAD TRAP: type=e (#pf Page fault) rp=ffffff000468bb70 addr=8050ff0 occurred in module "vmloop" due to an illegal access to a user address

a.out: #pf Page fault
Bad kernel fault at addr=0x8050ff0
pid=108003, pc=0xfffffffff7f40e71, sp=0xffffff000468bc60, eflags=0x10282
cr0: 8005003b<pg,wp,ne,et,ts,mp,pe> cr4: 3406b8<smap,smep,osxsav,xmme,fxsr,pge,pae,pse,de>
cr2: 8050ff0cr3: 1f120000cr8: 0

        rdi:       c500000000 rsi:               42 rdx:          8050ff0
        rcx:           100003  r8: ffffff02100d37e0  r9: ffffff000468be48
        rax: ffffffffc0122f40 rbx: ffffff021c650100 rbp: ffffff000468bc60
        r10:               c5 r11:                0 r12:                3
        r13:               42 r14:          8050ff0 r15:                3
        fsb:                0 gsb: fffffffffbc478e0  ds:               4b
         es:               4b  fs:                0  gs:              1c3
        trp:                e err:                1 rip: fffffffff7f40e71
         cs:               30 rfl:            10282 rsp: ffffff000468bc60
         ss:               38

  0 fffffffffbc28e80   c74f6cc3a1 trap   e #pf              vmloop_ioctl+4
  0 fffffffffbc28d08   c74f6caad9 syse  36 ioctl            feee6c35
  0 fffffffffbc28b90   c74f6ae351 syse   5 open32           feee9133
  0 fffffffffbc28a18   c74f6a58ae trap   e #pf              feeb8f31
  0 fffffffffbc288a0   c74f69b77d trap   e #pf              feed17ae
  0 fffffffffbc28728   c74f69842f syse  32 sysi86           feee9185
  0 fffffffffbc285b0   c74f69373f sysc  ac lwp_cond_broadca fefe4527
  0 fffffffffbc28438   c74f6916e1 sysc  ac lwp_cond_broadca fefe4527
  0 fffffffffbc282c0   c74f68886d trap   e #pf              fee5a750
  0 fffffffffbc28148   c74f6858d7 trap   e #pf              fee5a750

ffffff000468ba50 unix:real_mode_stop_cpu_stage2_end+bae4 ()
ffffff000468bb60 unix:trap+17db ()
ffffff000468bb70 unix:_cmntrap+1ca ()
ffffff000468bc60 vmloop:vmloop_ioctl+4 ()
ffffff000468bca0 genunix:cdev_ioctl+39 ()
ffffff000468bcf0 specfs:spec_ioctl+60 ()
ffffff000468bd80 genunix:fop_ioctl+55 ()
ffffff000468bea0 genunix:ioctl+9b ()
ffffff000468bf00 unix:brand_sys_sysenter+2be ()

A machine without SMAP should run the same code without a panic. The following output shows this is the case:

[root@92-49-1a-ba-df-af /var/tmp/sam/vmloop-smap-panic]# sh
[root@92-49-1a-ba-df-af /var/tmp/sam/vmloop-smap-panic]# ./a.out
ioctl returned 0

Related issues

Related to illumos gate - Bug #12525: unix: sparc is missing do_hotinlines()ClosedToomas Soome

Actions #1

Updated by John Levon about 2 years ago

As well the original joyent side testing described above, I re-validated this test on:

- an old nehalem machine lacking smap
- a current-ish NUC under (Linux) KVM guest with smap on
- a current-ish laptop with smap on

and verified it booted and that the hot inlines etc. worked OK

Actions #2

Updated by Electric Monk about 2 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Closed

git commit 425251fd07ab465313fb50dea0f1ac795be10e05

commit  425251fd07ab465313fb50dea0f1ac795be10e05
Author: Sam Gwydir <>
Date:   2020-04-07T18:12:38.000Z

    9059 Simplify SMAP relocations with krtld
    Portions contributed by: John Levon <>
    Reviewed by: Patrick Mooney <>
    Approved by: Dan McDonald <>

Actions #3

Updated by Robert Mustacchi about 2 years ago

  • Related to Bug #12525: unix: sparc is missing do_hotinlines() added

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