Bug #9079

race condition in starting and ending condesing thread for indirect vdevs

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Category:zfs - Zettabyte File System
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The timeline of the race condition is the following:
[1] Thread A is about to finish condesing the first vdev in spa_condense_indirect_thread(),
so it calls the spa_condense_indirect_complete_sync() sync task which sets the
spa_condensing_indirect field to NULL. Waiting for the sync task to finish, thread A
sleeps until the txg is done. When this happens, thread A will acquire spa_async_lock
and set spa_condense_thread to NULL.
[2] While thread A waits for the txg to finish, thread B which is running spa_sync() checks
whether it should condense the second vdev in vdev_indirect_should_condense() by checking
the spa_condensing_indirect field which was set to NULL by spa_condense_indirect_thread()
from thread A. So it goes on and tries to spawn a new condensing thread in
spa_condense_indirect_start_sync() and the aforementioned assertions fails because thread A
has not set spa_condense_thread to NULL (which is basically the last thing it does before

The main issue here is that we rely on both spa_condensing_indirect and spa_condense_thread to
signify whether a condensing thread is running. Ideally we would only use one throughout the
codebase. In addition, for managing spa_condense_thread we currently use spa_async_lock which
basically tights condensing to scrubing when it comes to pausing and resuming those actions
during spa export.


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commit  667ec66f1b4f491d5e839644e0912cad1c9e7122
Author: Serapheim Dimitropoulos <serapheim@delphix.com>
Date:   2018-02-13T16:25:39.000Z

    9079 race condition in starting and ending condesing thread for indirect vdevs
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