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SUNWdtrt needs some love

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cmd - userland programs
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There are various failures in SUNWdtrt due to the tests not having kept up with the system. Changes to binaries that it expects certain predictable behaviour from, changes to system calls, and similar things have induced a variety of bogus failures that make testing DTrace changes harder than it should be.


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The issues are

  1. umod/usym/ufunc tests all assume an infinite loop incrementing a counter will likely cause the program counter to be on an instruction within 'ksh' when a profile probe fires. ksh93 makes this unlikely or impossible
  1. A test of globbing was not updated when the readlinkat system call appeared
  1. the violentdeath test inadvertently would kill the wrong process, leaving DTrace running and grinding the system
  1. tst.include.ksh was not updated to account for several troublesome headers

    rds.h: makes use of __attribute__(packed)
    smbios_impl.h: Uses thread-local storage by way of string.h

    which should be added to the blacklist, and:

    fs_reparse.h: Uses 'string' as an argument name, and trips the DTrace parsers use of the same.

    Where I plan to correct the argument name (such that the structures and such within are more easily available to DTrace)

  1. runs dirname with an argument likely to be the empty string, which only works with /bin/dirname, so use it explicitly.

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Resolved in r13350 commit:a4d1acb7a7f5

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