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txg_kick() fails to see that we are quiescing, forcing transactions to their next stages without leaving them accumulate changes

Added by Brad Lewis over 3 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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Creating a fragmented pool in a DCenter VM and continuously writing to it with multiple instances of randwritecomp, we get the following output from txg.d:

    0ms   311MB in  4114ms (95% p1)  75MB/s  544MB (76%)  336us   153ms     0ms
    0ms     8MB in    51ms ( 0% p1) 163MB/s  474MB (66%)  129us    34ms     0ms
    0ms   366MB in  4454ms (93% p1)  82MB/s  572MB (79%)  498us    20ms     0ms
    0ms   406MB in  5212ms (95% p1)  77MB/s  591MB (82%)  661us    37ms     0ms
    0ms   340MB in  5110ms (94% p1)  66MB/s  622MB (86%) 1048us    41ms     1ms
    0ms     3MB in    61ms ( 0% p1)  51MB/s  419MB (58%)   33us     0ms     0ms
    0ms   361MB in  3555ms (88% p1) 101MB/s  542MB (75%)  335us    40ms     0ms
    0ms   356MB in  4592ms (92% p1)  77MB/s  561MB (78%)  430us    89ms     1ms
    0ms    11MB in   129ms (13% p1)  90MB/s  507MB (70%)  222us    15ms     0ms
    0ms   281MB in  2520ms (89% p1) 111MB/s  542MB (75%)  334us    42ms     0ms
    0ms   383MB in  3666ms (91% p1) 104MB/s  557MB (77%)  411us   133ms     0ms
    0ms   404MB in  5757ms (94% p1)  70MB/s  635MB (88%) 1274us   123ms     2ms
    4ms   367MB in  4172ms (89% p1)  88MB/s  556MB (77%)  401us    51ms     0ms
    0ms    42MB in   470ms (44% p1)  90MB/s  557MB (77%)  412us    43ms     0ms
    0ms   261MB in  2273ms (88% p1) 114MB/s  556MB (77%)  407us    27ms     0ms
    0ms   394MB in  3646ms (85% p1) 108MB/s  552MB (77%)  393us   304ms     0ms
    0ms   275MB in  2416ms (89% p1) 113MB/s  510MB (71%)  200us    53ms     0ms
    0ms     9MB in    53ms ( 0% p1) 169MB/s  483MB (67%)  140us   100ms     1ms

The TXGs that are getting synced and don't have lots of changes are pushed by txg_kick() which basically forces the current open txg to get to the quiesced state:

        if (tx->tx_syncing_txg == 0 &&
        tx->tx_quiesce_txg_waiting <= tx->tx_open_txg &&
        tx->tx_sync_txg_waiting <= tx->tx_synced_txg &&
        tx->tx_quiesced_txg <= tx->tx_synced_txg) {
        tx->tx_quiesce_txg_waiting = tx->tx_open_txg + 1;

The problem is that the above code doesn't check if we are currently quiescing anything (only if a quiesce or a sync has been requested, ..etc) so the following scenario can happen:

1] We have an open txg A that had enough dirty data (more than zfs_dirty_data_sync) and it was pushed to the quiesced state, and opened a new txg B. No txg is currently being synced.
2] Immediately after the opening of B, txg_kick() was run by some other write (and because of A's dirty data) and saw that we are not currently syncing any txg and no one has requested quiescing so it requests one by bumping tx_quiesce_txg_waiting and broadcasts the quiesce thread.
3] The quiesce thread just passed txg A to be synced and sees that a quiescing request has been sent to it so it immediately grabs B without letting it gather enough data, putting it in a quiesced state and opening a new txg C.

In this scenario txg B, is an example of how the entries of interest show up in the txg.d output.

Ideally we would like txg_kick() to get triggered only when we are sure that we are not syncing AND not quiescing any txg. This way we can kick an open TXG to the quiescing state when we are sure that there is nothing going on and we would benefit from the different states running concurrently.

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commit  fa41d87de9ec9000964c605eb01d6dc19e4a1abe
Author: Serapheim Dimitropoulos <>
Date:   2018-05-17T13:50:48.000Z

    9464 txg_kick() fails to see that we are quiescing, forcing transactions to their next stages without leaving them accumulate changes
    Reviewed by: Matt Ahrens <>
    Reviewed by: Brad Lewis <>
    Reviewed by: Andriy Gapon <>
    Approved by: Dan McDonald <>


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