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I do know that I raise a controversial issue, regarding graphics cards, but the reason is twofold: on one hand I would like to understand why a open source driver doesn't work and on the other to make a suggestion (if I may).

My Toshiba Satellite A300D-14P laptop come with an ATi Radeon HD 3200 (I think, a "mobility radeon"). Now, the Device Utility does recognize it and in the package repositories, I can find the corresponding driver. The problem is that is doesn't work: everything is quite blur and the scrolling (say in a browser) is simply awful.

I understand that only nVidia cards are supported, but (again, if I may) I think that OI could give a chance to those systems which have other cards.

Many thanks in advance.

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Updated by Ryo Murakawa over 10 years ago

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Hi, My laptop Thinkpad x100e has same RADEON HD3200. I use the driver vgatext. So have you tried this?

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Updated by Ryo Murakawa about 10 years ago

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I want to add this driver to the repository. So I assign this to OI Caiman.

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Updated by Georgios Papadopoulos about 10 years ago

Hello !

Well, according to Device Driver Utility, I do use (by default (?)) the vgatext driver. But as I have written above, everything is quite blur and the scrolling (say in a browser) is simply awful. Moreover, many fonts seem to have a "granular" structure.
Are you satisfied with your that driver?

At this point, I have to say that a few months ago, when I tested the LiveCD of OI_147, everything was working (e.g., Compiz). So perhaps, we should find that driver...

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Updated by Alan Coopersmith about 10 years ago

You can't have had compiz running on a Radeon HD3200 on OpenIndiana on OI_147 LiveCD or any other version - only Intel & Nvidia drivers have been ported to the Solaris kernel to provide the necessary 3-D acceleration for compiz. There is an open source Radeon HD driver that could be ported, but it's not simply a rebuild, but a multi-month full-time effort, to port kernel-level graphics drivers, since there's so much difference in the kernel interfaces.

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Updated by Georgios Papadopoulos about 10 years ago

I might be mistaken, for, that period I had been trying various liveCDs. Yet, I remember that Compiz did work (perhaps not full functionality -this part I do not remember), while now it does not.

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Updated by Julian Wiesener about 10 years ago

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we're currently not adding Radeon HD3200, driver

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