Bug #9710

Keyboard stall in MATE-terminal

Added by Gary Mills over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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This happens to me with MATE-terminal, but not with xterm or the emacs GUI. It only happens occasionally with any application that runs in MATE-terminal, including mutt, the shell, and the pager pg.
Specifically, a character that I type sometimes has no effect on the application. Waiting for a while seems to make no difference. When I type another character, the application responds to both. However, if I move the cursor outside of the MATE-terminal window, the application responds to the missing character. That character seems to be hidden away some place until something like another character or an interrupt sends it up to the application. I don't have a way to reproduce this problem, but it happens frequently enough for me to notice it.
I've learned to work around this problem by moving the cursor outside the window briefly, but it should be fixed. I'm running a version of oi-hipster that was current on 01 July 2018. I'm using the en_US.UTF-8 locale.


Updated by Ken Mays over 2 years ago

Gary - update your system t latest and retest. I've updated MATE to review this issue.


Updated by Gary Mills over 2 years ago

An OS upgrade didn't work. I had a system running hipster-20180701. I was able to reproduce the problem twice on this system, by opening 14 instances of MATE-terminal, and typing commands in one of them.

I upgraded this system to hipster-20180930, started the same number of MATE-terminal instances, and was able to reproduce the problem twice again.

It is a rare event. You have to type a large number of commands for it to happen once, but happen it does.

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