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Need to provide SMB 2.1 Client

Added by Guenther Alka almost 6 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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The kernelbased SMB server needs some enhancements like

- connect and join domain when SMB1 is disabled
- add SMB3 support

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Related to illumos gate - Bug #11071: unused files after 9735ClosedGordon Ross2019-05-25

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Updated by Jorge Schrauwen over 5 years ago

A good starting point is probably cherry picking a lot of the nexenta SMB changes from

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Updated by Gordon Ross over 5 years ago

  • Subject changed from Connect when SMB1 is disabled and add SMB3 to Need to provide SMB 2.1 Client

Actually, the place from which to cherry pick is this branch:

I'm working on getting the SMB 2.1 client integrated.
I'll use this issue for it, making it specific to that task.

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Updated by Gordon Ross over 5 years ago

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Updated by Gordon Ross over 5 years ago

Up for review over here:

There's a whole lot of new code here. The design largely follows what was there for SMB1.
A few pieces were taken from the Apple SMB client (which shares a common ancestor with the illumos client code).

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Updated by Vitaliy Gusev over 5 years ago

Gordon, why the current design for smb/smb2 client has some part in user space (libs and smbiod) and some part in kernel space (nsmb module) ? Why don't whole SMB/SMB2 client functionality is not placed in user space ?

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Updated by Gordon Ross over 5 years ago

That's a good question. It's a good piece of general guidance that when things can be done in user space, that's best.
If we were only interested in letting the SMB server make connections out to an AD server, we might have used an "in process" SMB client (running as a part of smbd in user-space, for example).

However, the existing design (before the SMB2 client work) also had another functionality goal which was to provide a full-featured SMB client implementation for mounting SMB shares. By "full-featured", I mean the ability to present full "meta-data" including ACLs, extended attributes (i.e. DOS Archive Hidden RO,... bits) and named streams.
One reason for this goal is so that the SMB client can be used for data migration from an existing SMB server without losing meta-data during the migration.

We made the choice to extend the existing architecture rather than replace it with an all user-space one.
With the introduction of the "fksmbcl" development tool, we still enjoy many of the features of user-space development anyway.

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Updated by Gordon Ross over 5 years ago

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Updated by Electric Monk over 5 years ago

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git commit adee678425979226b2b55d1a0b39ce4c989382e9

commit  adee678425979226b2b55d1a0b39ce4c989382e9
Author: Gordon Ross <>
Date:   2019-03-14T14:38:30.000Z

    9735 Need to provide SMB 2.1 Client
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Updated by x v about 5 years ago

Just a nit -- this integration added a bit of cruft:


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Updated by Gordon Ross about 5 years ago

Opened #11071 unused files after 9735

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Updated by Gergő Mihály Doma about 5 years ago

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