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7778DilOSBugFeedbackHighMarket Research is crucial for your business2017-01-17 12:56 PM

531Documentation GenerationBugIn ProgressNormalmaneditor doesn't compile on LinuxMatt Lewandowsky2010-12-16 07:36 AM

528Documentation GenerationBugNewNormalmaneditor emits too many warningsMatt Lewandowsky2010-12-16 07:10 AM

527Documentation GenerationBugNewNormalmaneditor needs to follow ON's rules betterMatt Lewandowsky2010-12-16 07:10 AM

503Documentation GenerationBugNewNormalNeed a how-to template2010-12-11 02:01 AM

525Documentation GenerationBugIn ProgressNormalNeed browser-based man page generatorMatt Lewandowsky2010-12-16 04:14 AM

502Documentation GenerationBugNewNormalNeed documentation templates2010-12-11 02:07 AM

504Documentation GenerationBugIn ProgressNormalNeed man page templatesMatt Lewandowsky2010-12-11 02:07 AM

530Documentation GenerationBugNewNormalNeed to define commit rulesMatt Lewandowsky2010-12-16 07:02 AM

7763Graphics/DRMBugNewNormala driver floods the logs2017-01-12 07:43 AM

8103Graphics/DRMBugNewNormalCrash on boot with two monitors (Xorg 1.14)2017-05-31 04:53 PM

8405Graphics/DRMBugNewNormaldon't depend on Xorg headersHans Rosenfeld2017-06-16 01:56 PM

8402Graphics/DRMBugNewNormaldon't do stage-licenses as part of the install targetHans Rosenfeld2017-06-16 01:52 PM

8049Graphics/DRMBugNewNormalGlitching with Intel HD 40002017-04-09 06:06 PM

8401Graphics/DRMBugNewNormalsupport python 2.7 for userland-fetchHans Rosenfeld2017-06-16 01:49 PM

8400Graphics/DRMBugNewNormaltop-level Makefile shouldn't assume "make" is usableHans Rosenfeld2017-06-16 01:40 PM

7625Graphics/DRMBugNewNormalUnclaimed register before interrupt2016-11-27 05:50 PM

8404Graphics/DRMBugNewNormaluse $(DOCBOOK_XSL_ROOT) when building manpagesHans Rosenfeld2017-06-16 01:55 PM

8403Graphics/DRMBugNewNormaluse $(ELFEDIT) to run elfeditHans Rosenfeld2017-06-16 01:53 PM

7624Graphics/DRMBugNewNormalVGA text mode not restored when Xorg exits2016-11-27 04:24 AM

2082illumianBugNewNormalapt-clone expects the system zpool be called syspool but it gets installed as rpool2013-06-06 08:26 PM

2158illumianBugNewNormalbeadm activate fails2012-02-21 02:09 PM

2913illumianBugNewNormaldeveloper-build-intltool conflicts with developer-gnome-gettext2012-06-22 11:19 AM

3452illumianBugNewHighdisk list update2013-01-19 05:57 AM

2259illumianBugNewNormalgcc-4.6 is missing dependency on developer-library-lint2012-04-13 12:38 AM

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