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9584illumos gateFeatureNewNormalExtend smbios enumerator module to enumerate motherboardRob Johnston2018-09-21 12:30 PM

9851illumos gateFeatureIn ProgressNormaladd sys/containerof.h and implement __containerofToomas Soome2018-09-21 06:25 AM

9854illumos gateFeatureIn ProgressNormaluts: add type for early boot propertiesToomas Soome2018-09-20 05:52 PM

9853illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalloader.efi: pointer targets in passing argument 2 of 'efi_print_global' differ in signednessToomas Soome2018-09-20 12:04 PM

9852illumos gateFeatureIn ProgressNormalenable ld(1) guidance and deflib assertions for the illumos buildRich Lowe2018-09-19 10:44 PM

9850illumos gateBugNewNormalauthority and system pgroups missing on some nodesRob Johnston2018-09-19 05:39 PM

9849illumos gateSupportNewLowAdd support for pull temperature and speed off of SATA drives2018-09-18 10:13 PM

9848illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormallibi386: pxe.h cstyle cleanupToomas Soome2018-09-18 08:20 PM

9847illumos gateBugNewNormalleaking dd_clones (DMU_OT_DSL_CLONES) objectsMatthew Ahrens2018-09-18 07:48 PM

9809illumos gateFeatureNewNormalnvme driver should attach to all NVMe 1.x devicesRobert Mustacchi2018-09-18 03:13 PM

9846illumos gateBugNewNormalnvme driver shouldn't panic from userland commandsRobert Mustacchi2018-09-18 03:12 PM

9843illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalloader: pxe receive can be simpler and pxe put should check for data sizeToomas Soome2018-09-16 06:53 PM

9841illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalloader: issue edd probe before legacy ah=08Toomas Soome2018-09-16 05:14 PM

9840illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalloader: do not repeat int13 calls when we have no mediaToomas Soome2018-09-16 05:12 PM

9551OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureNewLowMATE 1.18: Bump revisions (Spring Refresh II)OI Userland2018-09-15 12:45 AM

9838illumos gateBugNewNormalZpool split can create a corrupted pool2018-09-13 05:58 PM

9798illumos gateBugNewNormalexec_init() should be able to handle a 64bit init processHans Rosenfeld2018-09-13 04:44 PM

9797illumos gateBugNewNormaldump_ttrace() chokes on softintsHans Rosenfeld2018-09-13 04:41 PM

9796illumos gateBugNewNormalwant support for PCI BAR size >= 4GHans Rosenfeld2018-09-13 04:34 PM

9793illumos gateBugNewNormalvioblk attach doesn't always fail when it shouldHans Rosenfeld2018-09-13 04:27 PM

9792illumos gateBugNewNormalsupport bhyve as a platformHans Rosenfeld2018-09-13 04:21 PM

9790illumos gateBugNewNormalbuffer freed to wrong cache in virtio_register_intxHans Rosenfeld2018-09-13 04:19 PM

9806illumos gateBugNewNormalehci_take_control() can infinite loop due to PCI invalid readsRobert Mustacchi2018-09-13 04:15 PM

9832illumos gateBugNewNormalOriginal bug discovered as 9560 has friends IPv4 packets coming in as IPv6 creating chaosDan McDonald2018-09-13 01:24 PM

9836illumos gateBugNewNormalEHCI appears to be causing a huge interrupt storm on my ivybridge system2018-09-13 12:36 AM

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