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Toggle check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated % Done
2499illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalBring mediainfo into illumos-userland from s10-userland2012-03-26 08:07 AM

2386illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring meta-packages updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2500illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalBring mg into illumos-userland from s10-userland2012-03-26 08:08 AM

2501illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalBring mhash into illumos-userland from s10-userland2012-05-02 09:42 PM

2502illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalBring mimms into illumos-userland from s10-userland2012-03-26 09:17 AM

2503illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalBring mplayer into illumos-userland from s10-userland2012-03-26 09:17 AM

2385illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring mutt updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2278illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring mysql-5-1 into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2504illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalBring nasm into illumos-userland from s10-userland2012-05-07 09:50 AM

2384illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring net-snmp updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2383illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring nethack updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2505illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalBring nginx into illumos-userland from s10-userland2012-05-07 10:12 AM

2382illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring nmap updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2506illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormalBring nodejs into illumos-userland from s10-userlandIgor Pashev2012-04-02 09:39 AM

2507illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalBring nrpe into illumos-userland from s10-userland2012-03-26 09:20 AM

2381illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring ntp updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2380illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring open-fabrics updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2508illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalBring opencore-amr into illumos-userland from s10-userland2012-03-26 09:20 AM

2509illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalBring openjpeg into illumos-userland from s10-userland2012-03-26 09:38 AM

2279illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring openldap into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2379illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring openssl-0.9.8-fips-140 updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2378illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring openssl-fips updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2510illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalBring orc into illumos-userland from s10-userland2012-03-26 09:22 AM

2377illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring pcre updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2217illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormalBring perl 5.14 into userlandBayard Bell2012-03-29 01:31 PM

2280illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalBring php 5.3 into userland2012-03-26 07:31 AM

2281illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring php-5_2 into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2511illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalBring ppl into illumos-userland from s10-userland2012-03-26 09:23 AM

2375illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring privoxy updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2374illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring proftpd updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2373illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring pv updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2372illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring pylint updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

1641illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring python-libtorrent API into oi-buildBayard Bell2012-02-17 04:56 PM

2183illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring python27 over from oracle-userland2012-03-22 04:21 PM

2512illumos-userlandFeatureFeedbackNormalBring qt4 into illumos-userland from s10-userland2012-03-26 07:34 AM

2371illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring quagga updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2370illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring quilt updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2369illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring rdiff-backup updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2368illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring readline updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2513illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormalBring redis into illumos-userland from s10-userlandIgor Pashev2012-04-02 09:39 AM

2514illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalBring rtmpdump into illumos-userland from s10-userland2012-03-26 07:38 AM

2367illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring rtorrent updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2366illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring ruby updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2497illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring s10-userland components into illumos-userland2013-09-12 02:41 PM

2515illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalBring schroedinger into illumos-userland from s10-userland2012-03-26 07:39 AM

2365illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring screen updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2364illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormalbring sed updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-29 11:24 AM

2363illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring slang updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2337illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring slib updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2362illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring slrn updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2336illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring snort updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2516illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormalBring solr into illumos-userland from s10-userlandPiotr Jasiukajtis2012-06-11 10:43 AM

2361illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring sox updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2517illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalBring sphinx into illumos-userland from s10-userland2012-03-26 07:41 AM

2518illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalBring spidermonkey into illumos-userland from s10-userland2012-03-26 07:43 AM

2335illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring squid updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2334illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring stdcxx updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2360illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring subversion updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2333illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring sudo updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2519illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalBring syslog-ng into illumos-userland from s10-userland2012-05-07 10:28 AM

2332illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring tcl/tk/expect updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2282illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring timezone into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2330illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring tomcat updates into illumos-userland from userland-gateBayard Bell2012-03-13 11:50 PM

2329illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring top updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2328illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring trousers updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2520illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalBring uriparser into illumos-userland from s10-userland2012-05-02 07:13 AM

2521illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalBring varnish into illumos-userland from s10-userland2012-03-26 07:47 AM

2323illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring vim updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2522illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring vlc into illumos-userland from s10-userland2012-03-26 07:48 AM

2523illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalBring vsftpd into illumos-userland from s10-userland2012-03-26 07:49 AM

2524illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalBring wavpack into illumos-userland from s10-userland2012-03-26 07:50 AM

2526illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalBring weechat into illumos-userland from s10-userland2012-03-26 07:52 AM

2359illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring wget updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2322illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring wireshark updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2527illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalBring wkhtmltopdf into illumos-userland from s10-userland2012-03-26 07:53 AM

2358illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring wxwidgets updates into illumos-userland from userland-gateLou Picciano2012-03-13 11:56 PM

2528illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalBring x264 into illumos-userland from s10-userland2012-03-26 07:54 AM

1649illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormalbring xclip into oi-buildBayard Bell2012-03-25 02:05 PM

2106illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormalbring xemacs into userlandBayard Bell2012-03-25 04:57 PM

1686illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormalBring Xmedcon to oi buildpaolo marcheschi2012-03-25 12:32 PM

2529illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalBring xvidcore into illumos-userland from s10-userland2012-03-26 07:55 AM

2530illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalBring yamdi into illumos-userland from s10-userland2012-05-07 11:29 AM

2531illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalBring yasm into illumos-userland from s10-userland2012-05-07 11:06 AM

2532illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalBring zenlib into illumos-userland from s10-userland2012-05-07 10:46 AM

2321illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring zip updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2320illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring zsh updates into illumos-userland from userland-gate2012-03-13 11:51 PM

8692illumos gateFeatureNewNormalBroadcom SAS/SATA HBA supportDan McDonald2017-10-02 03:25 PM

1481illumos gateBugNewNormalbroken dependency from driver/storage/sv2011-09-08 09:02 PM

5499illumos gateBugNewNormalbroken reference to removed file /usr/sbin/rpc.nisd_resolv2014-12-30 07:17 PM

5093illumos gateBugNewNormalbroken webmin shipped with oi_151a82014-08-14 09:55 PM

1598illumos gateBugNewNormalbug fixes for iSCSI / ESX 3.5Garrett D'Amore2011-10-05 09:45 AM

1417illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormalbuild APTIgor Kozhukhov2012-03-12 03:57 PM

1579illumos gateBugNewNormalbuild doesn't fail if packaging fails2011-09-29 04:04 AM

1415illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormalbuild DPKG by GCC-3Igor Kozhukhov2012-03-12 03:57 PM

7774illumos gateBugNewNormalbuild failed after 6923 : ipadm.c:510:10: error: variable 'object' set but not used [-Werror=unused-but-set-variable]2017-01-15 02:55 PM

1330illumos gateBugNewNormalbuild failed with DMAKE_MODE=distributed2011-08-03 10:00 AM

6245illumos gateBugNewNormalbuild failed with edonr_test2015-09-19 07:16 PM

8159OpenIndiana DistributionBugFeedbackNormalBuild of several components stops because of unreadable source filesGary Mills2017-05-05 02:49 PM

5395illumos gateBugFeedbackNormalBuild on Solaris 11.2 chokes on __ATTR_DEPRECATED2015-03-09 03:42 PM

646illumos HA ClusterFeatureNewNormalBuild process should not depend on /extra repository2011-01-19 11:40 AM

1722illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbuild runtime-tcl-8 package with SONAMEIgor Kozhukhov2012-03-12 03:58 PM

6071illumos gateFeatureNewNormalbuild should check invariant sizes are invariant2015-07-21 09:21 PM

8411illumos gateFeatureIn ProgressNormalBuild should warn when linking against libraries outside proto area2017-06-19 08:31 PM

2222illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalBuilding PostgreSQL-9.1.3 successfully (openssl-1.0.0.d)Lou Picciano2012-03-26 09:26 AM

2223illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalBuilding PostgreSQL-9.2-HEAD successfully (openssl-1.0.0.d)Lou Picciano2012-03-26 09:26 AM

3478illumos-userlandBugNewNormalBump autoconf to the latest versionAdam Števko2013-01-18 12:31 AM

3479illumos-userlandBugNewNormalBump automake to the latest version2013-01-18 12:29 AM

1818illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormalBump m4 to latest versionBart Coddens2012-03-29 10:17 AM

3480illumos-userlandBugNewNormalBump make to the latest version2013-01-18 12:31 AM

5266illumos gateFeatureNewNormalBump sendmail to 8.14.92014-10-26 02:30 PM

7353OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureNewNormalBump to gparted-0.26.1OI Userland2017-09-14 05:35 PM

8711OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureNewNormalBump to libdrm 2.4.78Alexander Pyhalov2017-11-07 04:04 AM

8650Graphics/DRMFeatureNewNormalBump to libdrm 2.4.83Gordon Ross2017-10-19 05:28 PM

1777illumos gateBugNewNormalbyteswap.h and endian.h could be provided2016-03-24 08:24 PM

3231illumos gateBugNewNormalC locale grouping definitions differ from documentation2012-09-26 10:51 PM

8118OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewNormalcaja won't show desktop icons: g_hash_table_foreach: assertion 'version == hash_table->version' failedOI Userland2017-06-08 05:48 PM

6284illumos gateBugNewNormalCan remove struct __old_fpu from intel/sys/reset.h2016-02-01 07:05 AM

7961OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureNewNormalCan wxWidgets be upgraded to v3.0.2 or later for Filezilla build2017-03-21 03:10 PM

3858illumos gateBugNewNormalCan't build nightly over NFSv42014-02-04 12:10 PM

1079illumos gateBugNewNormalCan't import v15 zpool2011-05-29 08:05 PM

431illumos gateBugNewNormalcannot boot on tyan H2000m (s3992)2011-03-03 05:39 AM

412illumos gateBugFeedbackNormalCannot delete file(s) on root zfs filesystem if disk is full2012-07-10 03:04 PM

1503illumos gateFeatureNewNormalcannot installoi 148 an AMD Fusion c-502011-10-20 10:05 AM

5747illumos gateBugNewNormalcannot lock user with NP already set2015-03-30 06:04 PM

6500illumos gateBugNewNormalCannot print() tcpsinfo_t due to bad alignment2015-12-06 06:15 PM

5556illumos gateFeatureNewNormalcannot set property for 'pool/dataset': 'sharenfs' is too long2015-01-23 08:19 PM

1546illumos gateBugFeedbackNormalCannot Successfully Reboot2012-05-13 12:01 PM

6395illumos gateBugNewNormalcannot tune segkpsize up2015-10-24 07:51 AM

7941illumos gateBugNewNormalcannot use crypto lofi on a block/character device2017-03-06 12:51 PM

1329OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewNormalcant run / boot - openindiana from flash usb stickOI illumos2011-09-04 07:10 AM

2610illumos-userlandBugNewNormalcd ; command bad, cd && command goodBayard Bell2012-04-11 11:55 AM

4461illumos gateBugNewNormalcertain objects are irregularly wsdiff false positives2014-01-13 06:25 PM

6998illumos gateBugNewNormalcfgadm error message refers to non-existent cfgadm_shp(1M) man page2016-05-25 11:25 PM

6163illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalchange echo to print for libcurses for more universalIgor Kozhukhov2015-08-26 12:34 PM

8712illumos gateFeatureNewNormalchange getcwd behavior2017-10-16 03:26 AM

119siteBugIn ProgressNormalChange Illumos to illumosSergey Generalov2010-12-16 04:18 AM

8614illumos gateBugNewNormalChecksum errors on a mirrored child of a raidz are incorrectly accounted2017-09-05 09:49 PM

1213illumos gateFeatureNewNormalchmod could handle empty access mask as wildcard when removing user/group ACEs2011-07-14 04:02 PM

622OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureNewNormalChoose MBR installationOI Caiman2011-05-16 08:17 PM

2271OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewNormalCIFS clients fail to authenticate when idmap is using IDMUOI illumos2015-11-14 12:40 AM

6741illumos gateBugNewNormalCIFS ignores TCP buffers settings after a few hours2016-03-10 03:11 PM

8080OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewNormalclang 3.8: local symbol referencing issueOI Userland2017-09-13 04:31 PM

4633illumos gateBugNewNormalclean up legacy / obsolete SCSA interfaces2014-02-26 06:53 PM

8078illumos gateBugNewNormalClean up mandoc lintPeter Tribble2017-04-16 08:10 PM

2396illumos-userlandBugNewNormalclean up PKG_MACROS for fetchmail2012-03-13 11:51 PM

2395illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalclean up URL metadata2012-03-13 11:51 PM

5424illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalcleanup gcc warning for cmd/audit*Igor Kozhukhov2014-12-10 06:22 PM

5697illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalcleanup gcc warnings for cmd/nscdIgor Kozhukhov2015-03-09 08:30 PM

6331illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalcleanup gcc warnings for sun4u/px buildIgor Kozhukhov2015-10-13 09:57 PM

4077illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalcleanup gcc warnings in cmd/halIgor Kozhukhov2013-08-25 03:53 PM

4055illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalcleanup warnings in cmd/amtIgor Kozhukhov2013-08-18 08:24 PM

4056illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalcleanup warnings in cmd/sgs/profIgor Kozhukhov2013-08-18 08:24 PM

6625illumos gateBugNewNormalcleanup warnings in usr/src/ucbcmd/chown2016-02-07 08:42 AM

8000illumos gateBugNewNormalcmdk should support DKIOCGMEDIAINFOEXT ioctl2017-03-23 06:31 PM

593illumos gateBugNewNormalcmlb causes panic in xdfAlbert Lee2011-01-30 01:06 AM

2699illumos gateFeatureNewNormalCoDel Active Queue Management2012-05-08 02:20 PM

2351illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalcommit pending submissions for March 2012 dev cycle2013-09-12 12:53 PM

2346illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalcompiler refresh for March 2012 dev cycle2013-09-12 01:09 PM

1900illumos-userlandBugNewNormalcomponent ant fails to publish2011-12-18 07:35 PM

1897illumos-userlandBugNewNormalcomponent gd2 fails to publish2011-12-18 11:20 AM

1885illumos-userlandBugNewNormalcomponent open-fabrics FTBFS2011-12-14 03:35 PM

1889illumos-userlandBugNewNormalcomponent proftpd FTBFS2012-01-04 07:21 PM

1891illumos-userlandBugNewNormalcomponent wireshark FTBFS2011-12-15 11:54 PM

1258illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalComponents in oi-extras need importing to oi-buildOI Userland2012-02-17 05:03 PM

2350illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormalComponents should be able to support multiple compilers2013-09-12 01:12 PM

2117illumos-userlandBugIn ProgressNormalcomponents/pylint should live under components/pythonBayard Bell2012-03-29 01:54 PM

1437illumos gateFeatureNewNormalCOMSTAR only supports 255 targets2016-02-22 03:41 PM

8470illumos gateBugNewNormalconnect(3socket) should document timeout values2017-07-07 05:10 PM

2768illumos-userlandBugNewNormalConsolidate wiki / readme documentation for building2012-05-23 02:01 PM

6154illumos gateBugNewNormalconst-ify segment ops structuresJosef Sipek2015-08-21 01:32 PM

3565illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalconsumers of libzpool can no longer bypass assertionsChristopher Siden2013-02-15 09:21 PM

6846illumos gateFeatureNewNormalcontract template disappears on execJerry Jelinek2016-03-30 10:56 PM

3476illumos gateBugFeedbackNormalContribute Nexenta mpt_sas(7D) mods back to IllumosDan McDonald2017-03-27 03:17 PM

8389illumos gateBugNewNormalConvert rm(1) manpage to mdoc(5)Jason King2017-06-13 03:29 PM

7534illumos gateFeatureNewNormalconvert wifi drivers to use net80211 AMRR implementation2016-11-04 11:12 PM

4938illumos gateBugNewNormalCore dump, null pointer in module unix2014-06-25 02:58 PM

4661illumos gateBugNewNormalCorrupted pool should not panic the system when doing 'zpool import'2014-03-02 02:21 AM

7997illumos gateFeatureIn ProgressNormalCould make nightly env files more easily usableRich Lowe2017-09-18 10:20 AM

3151illumos gateBugNewNormalCould not create second AddrObject on a link (link-name's length eq MAXLINKNAMELEN)2012-09-05 09:06 AM

3736illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalcp -r shouldn't allow infinite loops2013-08-29 05:54 PM

383illumos gateBugNewNormalcp command does not work properly with special file types or the `yes y` | cp -i syntax2010-10-31 04:43 AM

6364illumos gateBugNewNormalCPPFLAGS.native should not point to the proto area2015-10-20 09:01 PM

5859illumos gateBugNewNormalcpqary3 missing /dev links2015-04-21 09:50 AM

7396illumos gateFeatureNewNormalcpqary3: help debug controller lockups2016-09-21 09:09 PM

2429illumos gateBugNewNormalcpr_wakecode shouldn't evade bugs that never applied to it2012-03-19 06:34 PM

3448illumos gateBugNewNormalCPU allocation of MSI-X produces interrupt exhaustion2013-01-04 06:32 PM

5892illumos gateBugNewNormalCPU caps can throttle performance more than intendedJerry Jelinek2015-04-30 08:29 PM

6944siteBugNewNormalCPU Intel i7-4770 recognized as Xeon2016-05-02 07:25 PM

4941illumos gateBugNewNormalCPU Performance Counters support for Xeon E55xx, E56xx, E5 and E5v22014-06-27 01:12 PM

249illumos gateBugNewNormalcpu powermanagement does not work2010-10-21 11:11 AM

3187illumos gateBugNewNormalCrash Core Dump2012-09-13 08:26 PM

5666illumos gateBugNewNormalCrash of the HA storage cluster and entanglement of a hard drives2015-03-02 01:51 PM

8103Graphics/DRMBugNewNormalCrash on boot with two monitors (Xorg 1.14)2017-05-31 04:53 PM

5504illumos gateBugNewNormalcrash: kernel heap corruption detected2015-01-28 08:06 AM

2126illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalCreate fletcher4sum and fletcher2sum command-line utilities2012-02-23 12:54 PM

1091siteBugNewNormalCreate project with repository fails2011-06-06 06:13 PM

4541illumos gateBugNewNormalCreation or Removal of iscsi target portal groups results with return code that is invalid2014-01-28 02:59 PM

7464illumos gateBugNewNormalcrossbow allows to create a vnic with existing name2016-12-20 05:03 AM

837illumos gateBugNewNormalcryptoadm doesn't say anything useful on failure2011-03-18 08:35 PM

3471illumos gateBugNewNormalcscope-fast writes constant strings when erroringRich Lowe2013-01-14 05:31 AM

2944illumos gateBugNewNormalcscope-fast/invlib.[ch] use reserved word as identifier2012-06-28 08:06 PM

8580illumos gateBugNewNormalcstyle doesn't like closing bracket on separate line in function header2017-08-15 05:52 PM

7118illumos gateBugNewNormalcstyle issues encountered in mechglueP.h2016-06-18 09:28 AM

5598illumos gateBugNewNormalcstyle issues with new libm2015-02-07 10:29 AM

3227illumos gateBugNewNormalcstyle should warn about C++ commentsJoshua Clulow2012-09-26 07:03 PM

6885illumos gateFeatureNewNormalCTF Everywhere Part 1Robert Mustacchi2016-04-11 05:10 AM

6665illumos gateBugNewNormalCTF fixes made in FreeBSD and Darwin should be merged back2016-02-20 11:13 PM

2955illumos gateBugNewNormalCTF utils should use intptr_t isntead of int to be 64-bit aware2012-07-01 09:37 PM

6893illumos gateBugNewNormalctf_add_{struct,union,enum} can reuse forwardsRobert Mustacchi2016-04-11 05:11 AM

6894illumos gateBugNewNormalctf_add_{struct,union,enum} occasionally forget to dirty the ctf_file_tRobert Mustacchi2016-04-11 05:11 AM

6892illumos gateBugNewNormalctf_add_encoded assigns() incorrect byte size to typesRobert Mustacchi2016-04-11 05:11 AM

6895illumos gateBugNewNormalctf_add_member could better handle bitfieldsRobert Mustacchi2016-04-11 05:11 AM

6896illumos gateBugNewNormalctf_type_size() reports wrong size for forwardsRobert Mustacchi2016-04-11 05:11 AM

3700illumos gateBugNewNormalctf/cvt: fix Clang -Wmissing-variable-declarations warnings2013-04-08 03:09 PM

3205illumos gateBugNewNormalctfconvert does not handle zero-size structures2014-01-14 09:16 PM

6889illumos gateFeatureNewNormalctfconvert should be implemented in terms of libctfRobert Mustacchi2016-04-11 05:11 AM

1972illumos gateFeatureIn ProgressNormalctfconvert should support conversion of multiple compilation unitsJason King2012-01-10 04:58 AM

6887illumos gateFeatureNewNormalctfdump should be written in terms of libctfRobert Mustacchi2016-04-11 05:11 AM

5356illumos gateBugNewNormalctfmerge confuses unresolved types with members that have zero sizeRobert Mustacchi2014-11-16 10:03 PM

5355illumos gateBugNewNormalctfmerge could be stricter comparing visitation countersRobert Mustacchi2014-11-16 10:03 PM

8621illumos gateBugNewNormalctfmerge is using -f flag but it is not described2017-09-07 01:06 PM

6888illumos gateFeatureNewNormalctfmerge should be implemented in terms of libctfRobert Mustacchi2016-04-11 05:11 AM

5354illumos gateBugNewNormalctfmerge struct/union equivalence needs to check member typesRobert Mustacchi2014-11-16 10:03 PM

2656illumos-userlandBugNewNormalcups needs pdftops, but there is no package or dependency on said package.2012-05-20 03:35 PM

1536illumos-userlandBugNewNormalcurl CApath should be set2013-08-30 11:26 AM

8356OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureNewNormalCurrent Seahorse 2.32 pkg based on code released September 2010 2017-07-24 11:56 AM

1243illumos gateBugNewNormalcw have issue with parse -YP,/lib/amd64 flag2011-07-24 10:47 AM

8733illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalcxgbe: variable 'execute' set but not usedToomas Soome2017-10-27 07:51 AM

1702illumos gateBugNewNormalD compiler chokes on some bitfields2012-07-26 01:54 AM

3761illumos gateFeatureNewNormalDatagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP) support for snoopDavid Höppner2013-05-06 09:10 AM

3420illumos gateBugNewNormaldatalinks remain in zone after shutdown2012-12-17 11:35 AM

6851illumos gateFeatureNewNormaldate should support conversion between time formats2016-03-31 01:51 PM

3469illumos gateBugNewNormaldbuf_read_impl shows too much enthusiasmJoshua Clulow2013-01-12 12:13 AM

6442illumos gateFeatureNewNormalDC Locator compatibility with older AD servers2015-11-07 01:30 AM

2679illumos-userlandBugNewNormaldcmtk package has wrong package fmri2012-05-05 10:26 PM

6028illumos gateBugNewNormaldd can exit prematurely upon SIGINFO/SIGUSR12015-06-23 11:07 AM

5082illumos gateBugNewNormalDDI warnings from ixgbe2014-08-12 07:09 PM

5050illumos gateBugNewNormalddi_dma_attr warning shouldn't state corruption may occur2015-04-27 01:04 AM

7634illumos gateBugNewNormalddi_dma_mem_alloc fails with attributes.low > 02016-11-30 08:43 PM

5750illumos gateBugNewNormalddi_ffs(9f)/ddi_fls(9f) are 64-bit aware2015-03-24 09:42 PM

8177OpenIndiana DistributionBugIn ProgressNormalDDU's find_driver dumps core on 'Intel MEI controller' device2017-05-07 08:43 PM

8341illumos gateBugNewNormaldeadlock between softmac detach and kstat readRyan Zezeski2017-06-05 04:59 PM

7193illumos gateBugNewNormaldeadlock between zfs_rename and zfs_rmdir2016-07-18 12:54 PM

6246illumos gateBugFeedbackNormaldebug build failed after integration #41852017-07-27 10:19 PM

2649illumos gateBugNewNormaldedup=verify can leave the dedup bit set on a non-dedup blockGeorge Wilson2012-05-20 10:42 AM

1561illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalDefault vim mode is vi mode rather than enhanced vim modeAlasdair Lumsden2012-02-17 04:54 PM

6218illumos gateBugNewNormaldefining types in mdb before using ::typedef -c confuses everythingRobert Mustacchi2015-09-10 04:28 PM

8454illumos gateBugNewNormaldegradation after illumos#74312017-07-03 06:29 PM

1106illumos gateBugNewNormalDeleting blocks on (deduped) pool consumes all RAM and freezes the system2011-06-14 07:17 PM

3773illumos gateBugNewNormalDell BMC on R520 stops responding after bge driver loads2015-05-18 07:56 PM

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