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2867 illumos gateBugNewImmediateiscsit remote vulnerabilityDan McDonald08/18/2014 04:24 pm

1584 Translation of documentationBugNewImmediateHow about a language spoken by Latgalians in a great part of the area which is now Latvia?Edgars Kārkliņš09/30/2011 01:09 am

1583 Translation of documentationBugNewImmediateHow about a language spoken by Latgalians in a great part of the area which is now Latvia?Edgars Kārkliņš09/30/2011 01:09 am

3320 illumos gateBugNewUrgentZFS: kernel panic running "zfs diff" on oi_151a712/31/2013 02:50 am

3289 illumos gateBugNewUrgentzfs panic when sending replication stream11/08/2012 04:36 pm

2611 illumos-userlandBugNewUrgentSamba impacted by critical security issueBayard Bell04/14/2012 05:28 pm

1197 illumos gateBugNewUrgentHang after resilver finished with mpt07/12/2011 08:26 pm

4322 illumos gateBugNewUrgentZFS deadlock on dp_config_rwlock07/31/2014 02:14 pm

2051 illumos gateBugNewUrgentfailed to boot up with Sandy Bridge09/27/2012 08:46 pm

1435 NFS-4.1BugNewUrgentpnfs: DS should commit metadata in case FILE_SYNC4 writeVitaliy Gusev08/31/2011 03:19 pm

4737 illumos gateBugNewUrgentdlmgtd process deadlocks.04/09/2014 08:14 pm

2137 OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewUrgentLosing FC Initiator after rebooting initiatorOI illumos02/08/2013 04:12 am

4183 OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewUrgent(sshd) Unable to forward TCP portOI illumos10/20/2013 04:54 am

4610 illumos gateBugNewUrgentlockd hangs02/17/2014 11:09 pm

2349 illumos-userlandFeatureNewUrgentupdate build infrastructure for March 2012 dev cycle09/12/2013 12:52 pm

2422 illumos-userlandFeatureNewUrgentoi needs a way to change keymap in gdm and Gnome03/17/2012 07:14 pm

3791 illumos gateBugNewHigh/bin/sh's builtin 'rm' busted: 'rm -f' without arguments return error05/27/2013 06:46 pm

2136 illumos-userlandBugNewHigh32bit version of GDB is essential03/13/2012 11:55 pm

4455 illumos gateBugNewHighKernel panic on kernel panic of remote Illumos provided storage FC LUN01/13/2014 12:59 pm

3278 illumos gateBugNewHighyge Tx descriptor error/TX hang detected!10/18/2012 05:11 pm

1873 illumos gateBugNewHighcomstar iscsi target; kernel panic idm; mutex_enter: bad mutex04/19/2012 11:18 am

521 illumos gateBugNewHighsyscall number clash with OpenAFSGarrett D'Amore02/15/2012 08:29 pm

4588 illumos gateBugNewHighzfs send blocked until device of zpool is taken offline02/10/2014 11:08 am

2905 illumos gateBugNewHighzfs: deadlock of dp_config_rwlock due to nested READ lock06/21/2012 12:40 pm

2112 ignores PERL_VERSIONSBayard Bell05/10/2012 10:57 am

3279 illumos gateBugNewHighsavecore fails to tell fmd when crashdumps fail10/16/2012 08:12 pm

3821 illumos gateBugNewHighRace in rollback, zil close, and zil flushGeorge Wilson07/15/2013 09:06 pm

3172 illumos gateBugNewHighXen PV kernel broken when built with open source /usr/lib/cpp09/09/2012 01:31 am

3703 illumos gateBugNewHighoi_151_a7 panic: hat_devload: loading a mapping to free page ffffff00078b933804/09/2013 02:48 pm

4589 illumos gateBugNewHighKernel panic on using iSCSI target on same host02/10/2014 03:28 pm

396 illumos gateBugNewHighformat crashes11/17/2011 04:20 pm

3593 illumos gateBugNewHighCIFS crash windows 8 client while editing security on a share03/02/2013 10:13 pm

4454 illumos gateBugNewHighKernel panic on switching off SAS disk shelf, assertion failed: ldi_strategy09/09/2014 05:16 pm

1906 illumos gateBugNewHighpkcs11_tpm will hang indefinitely if localhost:30003 is reachable03/17/2014 03:08 pm

1942 illumos gateBugNewHighscsi/mpt: Disconnected command timeout for Target X01/01/2012 03:09 pm

4376 illumos gateBugNewHighsystem crash if run as a guest in KVM with passthroughBayard Bell03/21/2014 03:58 am

4423 illumos gateBugNewHighkernel panic stmf12/24/2013 05:20 pm

886 illumos gateBugNewHighgetaddrinfo() doesn't return all addresses for hostname05/08/2011 02:40 pm

1109 illumos gateBugNewHighzpool detach on spare fails06/29/2011 08:28 am

1406 illumos gateBugNewHighbuild failed after update to OI-151a and illumos-gate changeset:13438:084a34091b25Jason King08/26/2011 06:50 pm

1069 illumos gateBugNewHighIO hang with bad disk on mpt and mpt_sas10/21/2011 09:16 am

1112 illumos gateBugNewHighIf one pool goes down, all pools render inaccessible06/14/2011 06:20 pm

4242 illumos gateBugNewHighfile rename event fires before the rename happens10/19/2013 10:10 pm

2607 illumos gateBugNewHighpool can suspend with spa_namespace_lock held by spa_config_update04/10/2012 03:20 pm

1568 illumos-userlandBugNewHighgnupg fails to run02/17/2012 04:51 pm

1772 illumos gateBugNewHighOI cannot import a data zpool created by S11X12/13/2011 03:25 pm

2133 illumos-userlandBugNewHighintltool-merge is missing dependeny perl-xml-parser02/17/2012 04:53 pm

5273 illumos gateBugNewHighIncremental zfs send unmounts underlying snapshots, causing application which opens files from the snapshots to return I/O error.10/29/2014 04:16 am

2640 illumos is buggy04/18/2012 11:44 pm

3002 illumos Package ManagerBugNewHighsystem error07/16/2012 11:42 am

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