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1110illumos gateBugFeedbackLowoi_148: panic dump not saved2012-05-03 10:38 AM

956illumos gateBugNewNormalOI_148a zfs access to a pool hangs (in kernel)2011-05-02 07:04 AM

3703illumos gateBugNewHighoi_151_a7 panic: hat_devload: loading a mapping to free page ffffff00078b93382013-04-09 02:48 PM

3126illumos gateBugFeedbackHighoi_151a5 ixgbe driver2013-08-20 05:34 PM

1260OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureNewNormaloi-build Makefile infrastructure support for dependenciesBayard Bell2014-01-28 02:00 PM

1252illumos-userlandFeatureFeedbackNormaloi-build needs gcc 4.6.1Colin Ellis2012-02-17 05:04 PM

1251illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormaloi-build needs libc++ from llvmOI Userland2012-02-17 05:04 PM

1253illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormaloi-build needs LLVM/ClangBayard Bell2012-04-09 08:36 AM

1257illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormaloi-build needs to deliver a build-essentials like metapackageOI Userland2012-02-17 05:02 PM

1269illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormaloi-build requires a style guideOI Userland2012-02-17 05:01 PM

1270illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormaloi-build requires policies and proceduresOI Userland2012-02-17 05:03 PM

1263illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormaloi-build shared-macros should support selecting a specific gccOI Userland2012-02-17 05:00 PM

1850illumos-userlandBugNewNormaloi-build: apache FTBFSOI Userland2012-02-17 04:38 PM

1849illumos-userlandBugNewNormaloi-build: rpm2cpio FTBFS2012-05-22 02:24 PM

4683OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewNormaloi-userland: gmake download does not workOI Userland2014-07-12 07:46 PM

3219OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewNormalOI151A Multicast IGMP Membership Reports brokenOI illumos2013-02-08 12:10 AM

2048siteBugNewNormalOpenGrok OpenSearch URL is bad (localhost) and icon could be illumos2012-01-31 04:39 PM

1006siteBugIn ProgressNormalopengrok reports localhost url for opensearch, breaks chromeJoshua Clulow2011-05-09 08:15 AM

1275siteBugNewLowOpenGrok's default should be illumos-gateJoshua Clulow2012-09-13 04:40 AM

3572illumos gateBugFeedbackNormalOpenindiana fails to boot2013-02-28 08:39 PM

4173OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewNormalOpenIndiana hipster: std::isalpha g++ errorAlexander Pyhalov2016-03-15 11:59 AM

1111illumos gateBugNewNormalOpenIndiana lacks a "failsafe boot" image and option2011-06-14 03:08 PM

327OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureFeedbackLowOpenIndiana Should have Memtest86+ in GRUBOI Caiman2013-02-05 09:32 PM

1497illumos gateBugNewNormalOpenIndiana svn_151 support on Adaptec 6xxx2011-09-12 01:17 AM

231illumos gateBugNewNormalOpenindiana won't boot unless I add -B disable-ehci=true on Acer Extensa 4630Z2011-03-02 02:59 PM

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