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4775 illumos gateBugNewNormalTypo in getaddrinfo(3SOCKET) man page04/17/2014 05:52 pm

4774 illumos gateBugNewNormalTypos in tcp(7P) manpage04/17/2014 01:38 pm

4751 illumos gateBugNewNormalipadm(1M) should make it clear that static v6 addrs on an interface require addrconf addrs04/13/2014 03:35 pm

4748 illumos gateFeatureNewLowuse an enum for tod_faulted globalJosef Sipek04/11/2014 06:16 pm

4747 illumos gateBugNewLowremove unused [DS]SIZE_LIMIT definesJosef Sipek04/11/2014 06:13 pm

4746 illumos gateBugNewLowremove EXPORT_SRC leftoversJosef Sipek04/11/2014 06:12 pm

4745 illumos gateBugNewLowfix AVL code misspellingsJosef Sipek04/11/2014 06:10 pm

4741 illumos gateBugNewNormalILB rule hash should consider IPv6 address as a hashing baseSerghei Samsi04/10/2014 07:07 am

4734 illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalilbd_scf ip2str and vice versa parsing results should be checked more accuratelySerghei Samsi04/08/2014 12:04 pm

4733 illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalMemory leaks in ilb_probe and ilbd_scf.cSerghei Samsi04/08/2014 10:54 am

4732 illumos gateFeatureIn ProgressNormal/usr/bin/file should provide -b option for compatiblity with GNU/BSD fileDavid Höppner04/11/2014 03:45 pm

4731 illumos gateBugNewLowgetpublickey(3nsl): Remove NIS+ from the man page04/07/2014 04:25 am

4726 illumos gateBugIn ProgressLowMisc. fixes in ILB code (usr/src/uts/common/inet/ilb)Serghei Samsi04/08/2014 12:05 pm

4725 illumos gateBugNewLowxdr_create(3nsl): Missing parens in synopsis for xdrrec_create()04/03/2014 07:50 pm

4724 illumos gateBugIn ProgressLowPossible memory leak in _clnt_vc_create_timed()Marcel Telka04/03/2014 07:22 pm

4717 illumos gateBugNewLowt_open(3nsl): Missing dot in the man page03/30/2014 06:22 am

4716 illumos gateBugNewLowgetopt: check for NULL before accessing argv[n][m]03/30/2014 03:20 am

4712 illumos gateBugNewLowdladm manpage can't decide on "parsable" spelling03/28/2014 01:47 pm

4711 illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalitadm(1M) usage output overflows 80 charactersYuri Pankov03/28/2014 08:46 am

4710 illumos gateFeatureIn ProgressNormalitadm(1M) needs an easily parsable output modeYuri Pankov03/28/2014 08:45 am

4705 illumos gateBugNewLowfork(2): See "MT-Level of Libraries"03/26/2014 08:59 pm

4704 illumos gateBugNewLowthr_sigsetmask(3c): Minor typos in the man page03/26/2014 08:34 pm

4676 illumos gateBugNewLowreboot(1m) should be more vocal about what it does03/10/2014 01:39 pm

4674 illumos gateBugNewLowNo need to undefine rptr in ip.c03/07/2014 09:07 pm

4661 illumos gateBugNewNormalCorrupted pool should not panic the system when doing 'zpool import'03/02/2014 02:21 am

4649 illumos gateBugNewLowkmem_cache_create(9f): The function should be called from _init(9e), not _fini(9e)02/28/2014 01:22 pm

4648 illumos gateBugNewLowdetach(9e): Extra space between 'prefix' and 'detach'02/28/2014 01:18 pm

4641 illumos gateBugNewLowdladm.1m misidentifies OBYTES02/27/2014 06:51 pm

4640 illumos gateBugNewLowmetaslab.c - metaslab_group_alloc_update comment is wrongKeith Wesolowski02/27/2014 03:06 pm

4634 illumos gateBugNewNormalundocument scsi_hba_attach() and ddi_dma_lim(9s)Garrett D'Amore02/26/2014 08:08 pm

4630 illumos gateBugNewNormalclean stale references to ddi_iopb_alloc and ddi_iopb_freeGarrett D'Amore02/26/2014 07:42 pm

4612 illumos should allow alternate TMPDIRVadim Comanescu02/21/2014 01:54 pm

4606 illumos gateBugNewNormalssh makefile must use $(GNUXGETTEXT)Keith Wesolowski02/16/2014 07:59 am

4605 illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalglib-genmarshal should be configurableKeith Wesolowski02/16/2014 07:46 am

4604 illumos gateBugNewNormaladjunct includes should use -isystemKeith Wesolowski02/16/2014 03:25 am

4594 illumos gateBugFeedbackNormaluts/common/io/zyd/zyd_usb.c uses hex identifiers for devices, should use *BSD usbdevs.h ?Ben Taylor02/13/2014 03:40 am

4578 illumos gateBugNewNormalvalidate_pkg probably has no reason to care about file permissionsRich Lowe02/05/2014 06:17 pm

4577 illumos gateBugNewNormalpfexec's error reporting is (at least sometimes) awful02/05/2014 04:26 pm

4539 illumos gateBugIn ProgressLow_t_checkfd() should not call find_tilink() if force_sync is setMarcel Telka03/31/2014 03:40 pm

4535 illumos gateBugNewLowt_optmgmt(3nsl): Formatting issue01/27/2014 06:37 am

4529 illumos gateBugNewNormalrange_tree_{add,remove} panic messages are misleading01/25/2014 12:29 am

4528 illumos gateBugNewLowspace_map.h entry layout comment is wrongKeith Wesolowski01/24/2014 07:56 pm

4523 illumos gateBugNewLowzfs manpage has somewhat ambiguous language01/24/2014 02:35 pm

4514 illumos gateBugNewLowk5srvutil(1m): The default keytab file is /etc/krb5/krb5.keytab01/22/2014 03:28 pm

4465 illumos gateBugNewNormalzpool(1M) is able to offline cache vdevs despite what man page says01/14/2014 04:27 am

4450 illumos gateBugNewLowpointless condfree in libfmnotify01/10/2014 06:43 am

4449 illumos gateBugNewNormalOfflined vdevs are online after reboot01/10/2014 11:46 pm

4447 illumos gateBugNewLowrpc_control(3nsl): info should be italic, not bold01/08/2014 01:41 pm

4438 OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureNewLowJitsi (Open Source Skype replacement)OI SFW01/07/2014 05:43 pm

4421 illumos gateBugNewNormalneed a flowstat manual page12/24/2013 10:35 am

4420 illumos gateBugNewNormalflowstat usage message is incorrect12/24/2013 10:32 am

4416 illumos gateBugNewNormalSilence igb(7D) debug messages by defaultYuri Pankov12/23/2013 10:25 am

4414 illumos gateBugNewNormalsmb client may use large read/write when it should not12/22/2013 08:57 pm

4396 illumos gateBugNewLowman pages for system calls are missing in a zone12/12/2013 04:59 pm

4389 illumos gateBugNewLowwebrev should fetch preparer info from git if availableIvan Richwalski12/11/2013 04:00 pm

4377 OpenIndiana still points to oi151aAlasdair Lumsden02/07/2014 04:25 pm

4360 illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalFix SMF methods and other scripts which rely on the system shell to use /sbin/shBart Coddens01/31/2014 05:11 pm

4359 illumos gateBugNewNormalls(1) describes -c | -v rather than -/ c | v11/25/2013 09:54 pm

4356 illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalnl7c has duplicate strdup()Bart Coddens02/24/2014 06:27 pm

4352 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalFix fs-* SMF method scripts to reliably mount a split-root filesystem image11/24/2013 10:17 pm

4328 illumos gateBugNewLowsigprocmask(2): Talking about 'how', but do not confess so11/14/2013 01:15 pm

4325 illumos gateBugNewLowrpc_svc_calls(3nsl): svc_getrpccaller() description should be improved11/13/2013 10:40 pm

4324 illumos gateBugNewLowhosts_access(3): Missing symlinks for hosts_ctl, request_init, and request_set11/13/2013 10:17 pm

4321 illumos gateBugNewNormalrpc_svc_calls(3nsl): svc_run() can return11/13/2013 01:36 pm

4320 illumos gateBugNewLowrpc_svc_reg(3nsl): svc_pollfd is modified too11/13/2013 12:09 pm

4309 illumos gateBugNewLowFreeBSD Clang warnings, libzfs11/11/2013 06:16 pm

4306 illumos gateBugNewLowrpc_svc_calls(3nsl): Messed svc_sendreply/svc_max_pollfd11/07/2013 07:51 pm

4287 illumos gateBugNewLowFreeBSD Clang reports warning, libctf11/04/2013 09:01 pm

4240 illumos gateBugNewLowlofs(7fs): Missing quotes10/19/2013 07:41 am

4234 illumos gateBugNewNormalPATH=/usr/gnu/bin:$PATH breaks things10/24/2013 02:28 am

4213 illumos gateBugNewLowMissing spaces in man pages01/25/2014 12:21 am

4201 illumos gateBugNewLowfopen(3c): The w mode should be bold, not underlined10/15/2013 08:10 pm

4199 illumos gateBugNewNormalacl_trivial(3sec): The definition of trivial ACL is incorrect10/11/2013 02:31 pm

4192 illumos gateBugNewNormalacl(5): issues in the man page10/18/2013 05:35 am

4176 illumos gateBugNewLowtolower(3c) refers to nonexistent _tolower(3c)10/05/2013 02:45 am

4175 illumos gateBugNewNormalBNX driver vlan/mtu fix10/02/2013 06:39 pm

4174 illumos gateBugNewNormalTorch the old and unmaintained Sun-dhcp04/08/2014 10:37 am

4144 illumos gateBugNewLowillumos pam_get_item missing const, causes build pain09/18/2013 09:59 am

4143 illumos contains sysevent man pages09/18/2013 12:37 am

4142 illumos gateBugNewLowtruss should expand connect() arguments02/06/2014 09:58 am

4136 illumos gateBugNewNormalzfs mount -a progress does not account for canmount09/15/2013 12:24 am

4118 illumos gateFeatureIn ProgressNormallibuuid should provide uuid_unparse_{upper,lower} functions04/10/2014 11:25 pm

4109 illumos gateBugNewNormalntp.conf(4), probably others, have XML entities in output09/04/2013 07:10 pm

4108 illumos gateBugIn ProgressLowremove ON_CRYPTO_BINS from tools Piotr Jasiukajtis10/11/2013 03:22 pm

4055 illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalcleanup warnings in cmd/amtIgor Kozhukhov08/18/2013 08:24 pm

4012 illumos gateBugFeedbackNormalUpper limit of zfs set bounds check for refreservation on volumes is too lowSašo Kiselkov10/14/2013 09:43 pm

4010 illumos gateBugFeedbackLowctfconvert/ctfmerge have issues with extended ELF sections08/07/2013 11:42 pm

3969 illumos gateBugNewNormalzpool should not accept devices with a larger (incompatible) ashift08/02/2013 09:07 pm

3907 illumos gateBugNewNormalneed a dlstat manual page07/24/2013 02:54 pm

3906 illumos gateBugNewNormaldlstat usage message is incorrect07/24/2013 02:50 pm

3885 illumos gateBugNewNormalhalt execs beadm unnecessarilyAndrew Stormont07/13/2013 11:44 am

3871 illumos gateBugNewNormalGCC 4.5.3 does not like issue 3604 patch07/06/2013 08:10 pm

3854 illumos gateBugNewNormalSUNW_NO_UPDATE_NOTIFY=1 should be added to env files02/19/2014 03:45 pm

3841 illumos gateBugNewNormalstrnstr() needs a man page06/22/2013 06:48 pm

3833 illumos gateBugNewLowerr(3c): 'status' should be changed to 'eval'02/21/2014 12:45 am

3817 illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalIllumos build fails with CUPS 1.6Peter Tribble06/19/2013 07:43 am

3812 illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalbge manpage needs updating02/08/2014 09:10 pm

3804 illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalpyzfs is old, unused, unmaintained and brokenBayard Bell09/16/2013 10:15 pm

3796 illumos gateBugNewLowlistsnapshots not documented in zpool man page02/04/2014 06:10 pm

3792 illumos gateBugFeedbackNormalhald.c:371: error: 'g_type_init' is deprecatedIgor Kozhukhov06/16/2013 02:08 pm

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