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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated % Done
5768 illumos gateBugNewNormalzfsctl_snapshot_inactive() can leak a vnode holdMatthew Ahrens03/28/2015 05:24 pm

5692 illumos gateBugNewNormalexpose the number of hole blocks in a fileMatthew Ahrens03/08/2015 01:16 am

5745 illumos gateBugNewNormalzfs set allows only one dataset property to be set at a timeMatthew Ahrens03/24/2015 01:59 am

5160 illumos gateBugNewNormalzfsctl_snapshot_inactive() can leak a vnode holdMatthew Ahrens09/13/2014 04:06 am

5767 illumos gateBugNewNormalfix several problems with zfs test suiteMatthew Ahrens03/28/2015 05:16 pm

5765 illumos gateBugNewNormaladd support for estimating send stream size with lzc_send_space when source is a bookmarkMatthew Ahrens03/28/2015 04:59 pm

5766 illumos gateBugNewNormalAvoid 128K kmem allocations in mzap_upgrade()Matthew Ahrens03/28/2015 05:06 pm

5764 illumos gateBugNewNormal"zfs send -nv" directs output to stderrMatthew Ahrens03/28/2015 04:47 pm

5769 illumos gateBugNewNormalCast 'zfs bad bloc' to ULL for x86Matthew Ahrens03/28/2015 05:28 pm

5746 illumos gateBugNewNormalmore checksumming in zfs sendMatthew Ahrens03/24/2015 02:46 am

5770 illumos gateBugNewNormalAdd load_nvlist() error handlingMatthew Ahrens03/28/2015 05:59 pm

5393 illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalspurious failures from dsl_dataset_hold_obj()Matthew Ahrens12/05/2014 05:50 pm

4932 illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalvdev incorrectly expanding when last mirror child promoted to top-level vdevAndrew Barnes07/03/2014 03:01 am

4934 illumos gateFeatureFeedbackNormalzfs-test for bug 4932Andrew Barnes07/03/2014 03:00 am

2146 illumos-userlandBugNewNormalncurses disagrees about group owning /usr/gnu/share/docBayard Bell03/26/2012 09:40 am

4376 illumos gateBugNewHighsystem crash if run as a guest in KVM with passthroughBayard Bell03/21/2014 03:58 am

2432 ignores PYTHON_VERSIONSBayard Bell03/20/2012 02:30 pm

5490 illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalfix CBC mode leakage for sunssh encryptionBayard Bell12/27/2014 12:43 am

1296 illumos-userlandBugNewLowdistinguish between perl as build tool and perl as targetBayard Bell03/15/2012 08:01 pm

2610 illumos-userlandBugNewNormalcd ; command bad, cd && command goodBayard Bell04/11/2012 11:55 am

1295 illumos gateBugNewNormalkrb5-config only understands krb5Bayard Bell02/09/2012 08:21 pm

2611 illumos-userlandBugNewUrgentSamba impacted by critical security issueBayard Bell04/14/2012 05:28 pm

1237 illumos gateBugFeedbackNormalIntel WiFi Link 1000 driver neededBayard Bell04/19/2012 02:36 pm

2117 illumos-userlandBugIn ProgressNormalcomponents/pylint should live under components/pythonBayard Bell03/29/2012 01:54 pm

3804 illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalpyzfs is old, unused, unmaintained and brokenBayard Bell01/07/2015 05:26 pm

2104 illumos-userlandBugIn ProgressNormalMangling of PLAT and SOLARIS_VERSION brokenBayard Bell03/13/2012 11:51 pm

2109 illumos-userlandBugNewNormalIPS_PKG_NAME in sample-manifest doesn't existBayard Bell03/13/2012 11:51 pm

2121 illumos-userlandBugIn ProgressNormalupdate copyright year, license in templatesBayard Bell03/29/2012 11:50 am

2112 ignores PERL_VERSIONSBayard Bell05/10/2012 10:57 am

1704 illumos-userlandBugIn ProgressNormaloi-build problemBayard Bell03/29/2012 09:15 am

1253 illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormaloi-build needs LLVM/ClangBayard Bell04/09/2012 08:36 am

1298 illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalProvide for signature-based checks in userland-fetchBayard Bell02/17/2012 05:02 pm

2407 siteFeatureFeedbackNormalset up bitbucket/github replication for illumos-userlandBayard Bell04/22/2012 05:20 pm

5439 illumos gateFeatureIn ProgressNormalsunssh support for RFC5656 mandatory elliptical curve key exchangeBayard Bell12/16/2014 11:39 pm

1642 illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring deluge into oi-buildBayard Bell02/17/2012 04:47 pm

1643 illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring flexget into oi-buildBayard Bell02/17/2012 04:45 pm

2234 illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalnew cve-auditor tool, with supporting Makefile targetsBayard Bell03/13/2012 11:51 pm

5488 illumos gateFeatureIn ProgressNormalsunssh support for sha2 dh key group exchangeBayard Bell12/27/2014 12:34 am

1261 OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureNewNormalProvide automation for build dependency validationBayard Bell01/28/2014 01:59 pm

2177 illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalupdate guile to build with gcc 4.4Bayard Bell03/13/2012 11:55 pm

1641 illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring python-libtorrent API into oi-buildBayard Bell02/17/2012 04:56 pm

1081 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalSUNWssh support for something resembling the LPK patch (network datastore support for SSH pubkeys)Bayard Bell05/31/2011 02:04 pm

1259 OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureNewNormalpopulate basic build dependency data into oi-buildBayard Bell01/28/2014 02:00 pm

2330 illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring tomcat updates into illumos-userland from userland-gateBayard Bell03/13/2012 11:50 pm

1158 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalreplace deprecated pkgsend subcommands with pkgrepo in usr/src/pkg/MakefileBayard Bell06/27/2011 03:52 pm

1080 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalSUNWssh lacks support for RFC4255 (DNSSEC publication of SSH pubkey fingerprints)Bayard Bell05/30/2011 01:08 pm

5418 illumos gateFeatureIn ProgressNormalsunssh support for EtM modesBayard Bell12/08/2014 02:34 am

2316 illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring libevent updates into illumos-userland from userland-gateBayard Bell03/13/2012 11:51 pm

1260 OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureNewNormaloi-build Makefile infrastructure support for dependenciesBayard Bell01/28/2014 02:00 pm

2182 illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalsupport compiler-specific patchesBayard Bell02/24/2012 11:19 pm

2319 illumos-userlandFeatureNewHighbring libtool updates into illumos-userland from userland-gateBayard Bell04/26/2012 04:28 pm

2772 illumos-userlandFeatureNewLowCheck org.opensolaris.category.2008 categories via pkglintBayard Bell05/23/2012 05:25 pm

2356 illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalProvide developer/illumos-userland-integration metapackageBayard Bell03/13/2012 11:50 pm

5489 illumos gateFeatureIn ProgressNormalsunssh support for key exchangeBayard Bell12/27/2014 12:36 am

2353 illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring jenkins into illumos-userlandBayard Bell03/13/2012 11:50 pm

1297 OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureNewNormalNeed support for multiple pythons, distinction between python used for build and python used from buildBayard Bell07/28/2011 09:01 pm

2344 illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring lcms updates into illumos-userland from userland-gateBayard Bell03/13/2012 11:51 pm

1264 OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureNewNormalgive oi-build a notion of build mode (e.g. experimental, build)Bayard Bell01/28/2014 01:58 pm

1529 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalAdd mercurial 1.8.4 to GOOD_VERSIONS in tools/onbld/Scm/Version.pyBayard Bell09/16/2011 08:35 pm

2147 illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormalneed open source replacement for system/library/c++/sunproBayard Bell03/12/2012 03:49 pm

1514 illumos gateFeatureNewLowupdate onbld GOOD_VERSIONS to use mercurial 1.8.4Bayard Bell04/10/2012 03:54 pm

2265 illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalsync python modules with oracle-userland, add python2.7 supportBayard Bell03/29/2012 01:49 pm

1640 illumos-userlandFeatureFeedbackNormalupdate oi-build libtorrent-rasterbar to a current versionBayard Bell02/17/2012 04:44 pm

2178 illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalupdate gnump to build with gcc 4.4Bayard Bell03/13/2012 11:55 pm

2287 illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring apr updates into illumos-userland from userland-gateBayard Bell03/13/2012 11:50 pm

1636 illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormaladd nsd to oi-buildBayard Bell03/26/2012 09:23 am

5417 illumos gateFeatureIn ProgressNormalsunssh support for AES GCM modesBayard Bell12/08/2014 02:33 am

2286 illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring apache2 updates into illumos-userland from userland-gateBayard Bell03/13/2012 11:50 pm

5415 illumos gateFeatureIn ProgressNormalsunssh support for UMACBayard Bell12/08/2014 02:30 am

1639 illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormaladd ratpoison to oi-buildBayard Bell03/26/2012 08:04 am

2300 illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring curl updates into illumos-userland from userland-gateBayard Bell03/13/2012 11:51 pm

5416 illumos gateFeatureIn ProgressNormalsunssh support for sha2 MAC modesBayard Bell12/08/2014 02:32 am

1535 illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormalupdate gmake to 3.82, bringover userland-gate changesBayard Bell03/20/2012 03:26 pm

2397 illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormalbring hg-git extension into illumos-userlandBayard Bell04/15/2012 06:24 pm

1248 illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormaloi-build needs GCC 4.4.4Bayard Bell02/27/2013 01:11 pm

2107 illumos-userlandFeatureFeedbackHighupdate userland to recent openssl-1.0.0Bayard Bell03/19/2012 01:13 pm

2142 illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormalupdate python2.6 to 2.6.7Bayard Bell03/29/2012 01:39 pm

1649 illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormalbring xclip into oi-buildBayard Bell03/25/2012 02:05 pm

2175 illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormalRemove unneeded gcc44- componentsBayard Bell04/23/2012 12:10 am

1638 illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormaladd a clean urxvt build to oi-buildBayard Bell03/13/2012 11:51 pm

2106 illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormalbring xemacs into userlandBayard Bell03/25/2012 04:57 pm

1620 illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormalneed libevent split into libevent13 and libevent2Bayard Bell03/25/2012 07:51 pm

2176 illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalupdate mpfr to build with gcc 4.4Bayard Bell03/13/2012 11:55 pm

2141 illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormalupdate gcc macros for compiler flagsBayard Bell03/29/2012 10:57 am

2303 illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormalbring flex updates into illumos-userland from userland-gateBayard Bell03/26/2012 10:28 am

2218 illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormalupdate perl512 to 5.12.4, refresh oracle-userland patchesBayard Bell03/29/2012 02:01 pm

2148 illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormalneed open source replacement for system/library/iconv/utf-8Bayard Bell03/12/2012 03:46 pm

2217 illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormalBring perl 5.14 into userlandBayard Bell03/29/2012 01:31 pm

2030 illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalillumos use of git could really use a newer gitBayard Bell03/26/2012 09:46 am

2270 illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormalbring mdocml into illumos-userland for BSD man macrosBayard Bell03/26/2012 10:29 am

2354 illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormalProvide developer/illumos-userland-developer metapackageBayard Bell03/26/2012 10:36 am

2288 illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormalbring autoconf updates into illumos-userland from userland-gateBayard Bell03/24/2012 02:18 pm

2260 illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormalprovide build of richlowe's il_4_4_4 gcc in userlandBayard Bell05/02/2012 02:23 am

2185 illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormalimport useful changes to transforms, make-rules, and tools from oracle-userlandBayard Bell03/24/2012 10:43 am

2220 illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormalupdate userland studio version to 12.3Bayard Bell03/24/2012 12:28 am

1262 illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormalBerkeley-db package is neededBayard Bell03/24/2012 02:17 pm

2677 illumos gateBugIn ProgressLow inetd service encounters problems if supplementary methods are definedRoger Bisson05/11/2012 12:45 am

2711 illumos-userlandBugFeedbackLowAdd xmlto to userlandLogan Bruns05/30/2012 04:12 am

2712 illumos-userlandFeatureNewLowAdd asciidoc to userlandLogan Bruns05/10/2012 02:44 pm

2726 illumos gateFeatureIn ProgressNormalsnoop could parse sip trafficLogan Bruns05/13/2012 07:59 am

2854 illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormaladd luke to userlandLogan Bruns06/08/2012 09:04 pm

2765 illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormaladd lsof to userlandLogan Bruns05/23/2012 08:36 am

2793 illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormaladd openafs to userlandLogan Bruns05/28/2012 12:56 am

2847 illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormaladd sage to userlandLogan Bruns06/07/2012 01:55 pm

2312 illumos-userlandFeatureNewNormalbring imagemagick updates into illumos-userland from userland-gateLogan Bruns05/13/2012 04:53 am

2752 illumos-userlandFeatureFeedbackNormalAdd zzuf to userlandLogan Bruns05/24/2012 07:34 am

2758 illumos-userlandFeatureFeedbackNormalupdate tcpdump to 4.2.1Logan Bruns05/23/2012 08:04 am

2751 illumos-userlandFeatureFeedbackNormalAdd cppcheck to userlandLogan Bruns05/23/2012 08:03 am

2794 illumos-userlandFeatureFeedbackNormaladd gnu getopt to userlandLogan Bruns05/28/2012 06:34 am

2725 illumos-userlandFeatureFeedbackNormalAdd xmlstarlet to userlandLogan Bruns05/23/2012 08:04 am

1205 OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewNormalAI (automated installer) add drivers stage fails because of read-only /usrOI Caiman07/12/2011 10:38 pm

1098 OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewLowText installer: Local timeOI Caiman06/10/2011 11:45 am

1085 OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewNormalAI install fails with text-installOI Caiman06/09/2011 08:52 pm

1540 OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewNormalInstallation root password is immediately marked expiredOI Caiman10/05/2011 01:07 pm

4354 OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureNewNormalUpdate Caiman to offer split-root installations as an optionOI Caiman11/24/2013 10:45 pm

4353 OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureNewNormalUpdate Caiman installer to allow installation into an existing root pool and dataset hierarchyOI Caiman11/24/2013 10:36 pm

532 OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureNewLowInstaller support for ZFS compressionOI Caiman08/30/2012 12:16 pm

622 OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureNewNormalChoose MBR installationOI Caiman05/16/2011 08:17 pm

2441 OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureNewNormalFailsafe boot optionOI Caiman04/03/2014 10:55 am

1374 OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureNewNormalnetwork/smb/server should not be in live imageOI Caiman08/19/2011 09:52 pm

829 OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureFeedbackNormalSupport installing OpenIndiana into a hierarchy of datasetsOI Caiman11/24/2013 10:56 pm

753 OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureNewNormalAbility to create ZFS mirror on installOI Caiman04/17/2011 04:15 am

327 OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureFeedbackLowOpenIndiana Should have Memtest86+ in GRUBOI Caiman02/05/2013 09:32 pm

3186 OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureNewNormalInstaller: make timeouts to accept default language/keyboardOI Caiman02/08/2013 04:00 am

2859 OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureNewNormalbeadm: Enhance the invitation to reboot after creating a new BEOI Caiman07/05/2013 12:45 pm

1103 OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureNewNormalImprove caiman dump device size selectionOI Caiman06/19/2011 07:44 pm

828 OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureNewLowSupport installing OpenIndiana from LiveUSB into an existing rpoolOI Caiman07/27/2011 10:50 pm

3482 illumos gateBugNewNormaltmpfs in a non-global zone does not abide by tmpfs_minfreeBryan Cantrill01/18/2013 03:02 pm

5622 illumos gateBugNewNormalPOLLHUP not generated for disconnected Unix domain socketsBryan Cantrill02/14/2015 11:43 pm

4426 illumos gateBugNewNormalmci_rw_lock white-hot under loadBryan Cantrill12/24/2013 09:12 pm

5640 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalwant epoll supportBryan Cantrill02/19/2015 05:22 pm

36 illumos gateBugNewNormalneed usbser_edge replacementJoshua Clulow08/10/2010 07:03 am

1815 illumos gateBugNewNormalsed -i "" no longer worksJoshua Clulow11/25/2011 10:44 pm

1005 siteBugNewHighRedmine (jruby) out of memory errorJoshua Clulow07/17/2011 07:59 am

1000 siteBugNewNormalfavicon needs to be updatedJoshua Clulow05/07/2011 06:16 am

3227 illumos gateBugNewNormalcstyle should warn about C++ commentsJoshua Clulow09/26/2012 07:03 pm

4542 siteBugNewNormalpost relevant github commits to issuesJoshua Clulow01/29/2014 05:24 am

2947 illumos gateBugNewNormalPAM should support per-service config in /etc/pam.dJoshua Clulow06/30/2012 08:45 am

1006 siteBugIn ProgressNormalopengrok reports localhost url for opensearch, breaks chromeJoshua Clulow05/09/2011 08:15 am

1275 siteBugNewLowOpenGrok's default should be illumos-gateJoshua Clulow09/13/2012 04:40 am

2053 illumos gateBugNewNormalcdm could be more useful about recommit authorshipJoshua Clulow02/01/2012 08:14 am

3914 illumos gateBugNewNormalill_frag_hash_tbl not allocated for loopback interfacesJoshua Clulow07/27/2013 07:39 pm

5720 illumos gateBugNewNormaltmpfs should support gigabyte sizesJoshua Clulow03/16/2015 03:53 am

3469 illumos gateBugNewNormaldbuf_read_impl shows too much enthusiasmJoshua Clulow01/12/2013 12:13 am

5721 illumos gateBugNewNormaltmpfs should support "mode" optionJoshua Clulow03/16/2015 03:54 am

170 siteFeatureNewNormalRoll a Hudson zoneJoshua Clulow08/23/2011 09:15 am

3484 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalenhance and document tail follow supportJoshua Clulow01/18/2013 11:08 pm

1274 siteSupportNewHighRedmine's repo browsing is broken againJoshua Clulow08/09/2011 07:11 am

4731 illumos gateBugIn ProgressLowRemove NIS+ from man pagesBart Coddens06/07/2014 12:36 pm

1422 illumos-userlandBugNewNormala2ps has some vulnaribilitiesBart Coddens06/27/2012 10:54 pm

4360 illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalFix SMF methods and other scripts which rely on the system shell to use /sbin/shBart Coddens07/14/2014 04:39 pm

4356 illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalnl7c has duplicate strdup()Bart Coddens02/24/2014 06:27 pm

5075 illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalEOF cardbus & pcmciaBart Coddens11/12/2014 05:12 pm

2140 illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressUrgentreplace Oracle JDKBart Coddens03/26/2012 07:20 am

1818 illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormalBump m4 to latest versionBart Coddens03/29/2012 10:17 am

2559 illumos-userlandFeatureIn ProgressNormalperl_modules should live under perlBart Coddens03/29/2012 02:00 pm

4612 illumos should allow alternate TMPDIRVadim Comanescu02/21/2014 01:54 pm

3184 illumos gateBugNewNormalzpool list -H -o name returns a non-zero status with no zpools.Ira Cooper06/14/2013 08:00 pm

2216 illumos gateFeatureNewNormaladd tool to check for/download updated CA certsJérôme Coussanes04/21/2014 07:10 am

4179 illumos gateBugNewNormalixgbe should calculate high/low water thresholds per HW type rather than use hardcoded valuesKevin Crowe10/04/2013 06:31 pm

3333 illumos gateBugNewNormalUSCSI ioctl: SCSI passthrough of ATA command: "0xe5: check power mode" wakes up sleeping driveKevin Crowe09/24/2013 06:18 am

4180 illumos gateBugNewNormalixgbe probably shouldn't cast the return from ixgbe_fc_enable() to voidKevin Crowe10/04/2013 07:18 pm

3528 illumos gateBugIn ProgressHighsetting permission with chmod kills delete_child permission on owner aclKevin Crowe08/27/2013 02:58 pm

807 illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalTrivial ACEs missing deleteKevin Crowe04/06/2013 01:21 am

4063 illumos gateBugNewNormalflowcontrol set to 'bi' loses IP connectivity on ixgbe driven X520Kevin Crowe09/24/2013 05:56 pm

4536 illumos gateBugNewNormalfma output messages should not refer to Sun or OracleGarrett D'Amore01/27/2014 05:02 pm

37 illumos gateBugNewNormalyge needs support for marvell 88e8057 and 8059Garrett D'Amore08/11/2010 04:53 am

521 illumos gateBugNewHighsyscall number clash with OpenAFSGarrett D'Amore02/15/2012 08:29 pm

4281 illumos gateBugNewHighnhm and nhmex are dangerousGarrett D'Amore10/31/2013 04:10 pm

4889 illumos gateBugNewNormalEOF various obsolete SCSA functionsGarrett D'Amore05/25/2014 06:06 am

5007 illumos gateBugNewNormaldocument fchmodat()Garrett D'Amore07/28/2014 12:39 am

3358 illumos gateBugNewNormalmac antispoof protection fails for IPv6 link local addressesGarrett D'Amore11/14/2012 05:20 am

3721 illumos gateBugNewNormalsys/ctype.h should pragma inline isxdigitGarrett D'Amore03/29/2015 06:24 pm

485 siteBugIn ProgressNormalIssue permissions are quirkyGarrett D'Amore12/12/2010 08:37 am

4225 illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalehci can hang interminably trying to read PCI capabilitiesGarrett D'Amore10/17/2013 05:56 pm

867 illumos gateBugNewNormalarcmsr should support SCSAv3 DMA routinesGarrett D'Amore03/30/2011 11:42 am

1598 illumos gateBugNewNormalbug fixes for iSCSI / ESX 3.5Garrett D'Amore10/05/2011 09:45 am

4241 illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormale1000g races in PHY accessesGarrett D'Amore10/19/2013 06:36 pm

2398 illumos gateBugIn ProgressLowpcs driver should be removedGarrett D'Amore09/18/2013 09:31 pm

1599 illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalbackspace should perform delete on consoleGarrett D'Amore10/05/2011 10:06 am

5719 illumos gateBugNewNormalAdd support for LSI Fury adaptersGarrett D'Amore03/15/2015 04:45 pm

5710 illumos gateBugNewNormaliswblank_l missing from headersGarrett D'Amore03/15/2015 05:50 pm

5773 illumos gateBugNewNormalExtra pointless steps in kernel module buildsGarrett D'Amore03/29/2015 06:51 pm

5772 illumos gateBugNewNormalisxdigit_l, iswxdigit_l not exported (missing from mapfile)Garrett D'Amore03/29/2015 06:42 pm

5067 illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalrpcgen should build ANSI compliant code onlyGarrett D'Amore08/05/2014 04:24 am

1797 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalUpdate Boomer device drivers from OSS tree.Garrett D'Amore11/21/2011 08:03 am

4869 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalneed libc secure enhancements for libresslGarrett D'Amore07/20/2014 05:53 am

644 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalAdd Toshiba AL10/12/* devices to mpxio sym listGarrett D'Amore01/20/2013 01:36 pm

5293 illumos gateFeatureNewNormaldesire symbol visibility testGarrett D'Amore11/06/2014 04:05 pm

1074 The Illumos pkgsrc projectBugIn ProgressHighIPP Bootstrap FailMads Worsøe Duun10/11/2011 09:04 am

1252 illumos-userlandFeatureFeedbackNormaloi-build needs gcc 4.6.1Colin Ellis02/17/2012 05:04 pm

4646 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalWant nicer messages out of mpt_sas logsRich Ercolani06/12/2014 07:36 pm

494 illumos gateBugNewNormalssh depends on missing UTF-8 iconv dataAlexander Eremin05/14/2014 02:04 pm

626 illumos gateBugNewLowmptsas warning should be removedAlexander Eremin10/17/2011 02:11 pm

4422 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalshutdown(1m) should support -r optionAlexander Eremin12/24/2013 12:51 pm

196 illumos gateFeatureIn ProgressNormalIllumos svr4pkg should understand additional meta-data and should not use preinstall/postinstall scriptsAlexander Eremin10/01/2010 10:41 am

5775 illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalmr_sas initialisation pauses unecessarily for 60 seconds.Andy Fiddaman03/29/2015 09:58 pm

84 illumos gateBugNewNormalsvcprop -1 & -TDavid Fotel08/23/2010 11:47 pm

1084 OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewHighChinese inputmethod lost in b151OI G11n02/28/2015 09:10 am

4859 illumos-userlandBugNewNormalrsyslog missing stop and refresh SMF functionsGary Gendel05/12/2014 12:15 pm

441 siteBugNewNormalRedmine lacks basic functionality without JavaScriptSergey Generalov12/09/2010 11:44 pm

480 siteBugFeedbackNormalNeed to be able to change bug/feature/support on an issueSergey Generalov12/23/2010 02:42 am

746 siteBugNewNormalRedmine shouldn't be publishing email addresses of contributors in the clearSergey Generalov02/21/2011 09:28 am

476 siteBugNewNormalUnhelpful error message when relating a bug to itselfSergey Generalov12/08/2010 11:09 pm

206 siteBugFeedbackHighNeed better bug tracking systemSergey Generalov12/10/2010 12:13 am

165 siteBugIn ProgressNormalredmine needs to lose its authoritarian streakSergey Generalov12/08/2010 10:43 pm

477 siteBugFeedbackNormalNo way to mass-reassign issuesSergey Generalov12/09/2010 11:48 pm

74 siteBugIn ProgressLowIssue tracker limits possible assigneesSergey Generalov12/08/2010 06:08 pm

119 siteBugIn ProgressNormalChange Illumos to illumosSergey Generalov12/16/2010 04:18 am

460 siteFeatureNewLowMultiple SSH keys should be documented.Sergey Generalov12/09/2010 11:43 pm

472 siteFeatureFeedbackNormalAllow issues to span multiple projectsSergey Generalov04/11/2011 03:06 pm

442 siteFeatureFeedbackNormalNew Issue should be "available" to unauthenticated usersSergey Generalov12/08/2010 10:34 pm

463 siteFeatureIn ProgressNormalNeed non-public bug supportSergey Generalov12/08/2010 11:52 pm

479 siteFeatureFeedbackNormal"Related issues" section of an issue should list assignee of related issueSergey Generalov12/08/2010 11:27 pm

467 siteFeatureNewNormalSite should list user's loginSergey Generalov12/08/2010 06:07 pm

464 siteFeatureNewNormalAuto-watch supportSergey Generalov12/08/2010 06:03 pm

106 siteFeatureNewLowStylesheet change suggestionsSergey Generalov12/08/2010 06:19 pm

471 siteFeatureIn ProgressNormalMake jumping between projects easier for bug trackingSergey Generalov12/10/2010 12:12 am

47 siteBugNewNormalcreate project should offer to clone existing projectAnil Gulecha08/16/2010 08:51 pm

739 NFS-4.1BugNewLownfs41: assertion ATTR_ISSET(resbmap, QUOTA_USED) == 0Vitaliy Gusev03/17/2011 06:44 am

1435 NFS-4.1BugNewUrgentpnfs: DS should commit metadata in case FILE_SYNC4 writeVitaliy Gusev08/31/2011 03:19 pm

3163 illumos gateBugNewNormalnss: need local netgroup implementationVitaliy Gusev09/07/2012 02:46 pm

3389 illumos gateBugNewNormalnfsv3: UDP server sends packets with wrong Source IP in headerVitaliy Gusev11/26/2012 10:44 am

2807 illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalzfs: deadlock with ds_rwlockVitaliy Gusev09/18/2012 09:58 am

1280 NFS-4.1BugNewNormalmds: combine file tree and layout-treeVitaliy Gusev08/19/2011 11:44 pm

1014 NFS-4.1BugNewNormalpnfs: need investigate coherence client->DS and client ->MDSVitaliy Gusev05/10/2011 05:03 pm

2988 illumos gateBugNewNormalnfssrv: need ability to go to submounts for v3 and v2 protocolsVitaliy Gusev03/02/2015 06:20 pm

3040 illumos gateBugFeedbackNormalperformance: remove rrw_lockVitaliy Gusev08/06/2012 10:10 pm

826 NFS-4.1BugIn ProgressLownfs: need to revert some changes from pnfs patchVitaliy Gusev07/25/2011 12:56 pm

1049 illumos gateBugFeedbackLowpnfs: A lot of BAD_SESSION, SEQ_MISORDERED, SERVERFAULTVitaliy Gusev10/20/2011 02:13 am

1732 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalneed implement vfs_fsync_rangeVitaliy Gusev11/05/2011 03:27 am

3 illumos gateFeatureIn ProgressNormalWe need an open replacement for mptDavid Gwynne07/31/2014 06:11 am

711 illumos gateBugNewNormalsmb_rename has its bitwise ops muddledAram H?v?rneanu03/14/2011 02:50 pm

3819 illumos gateBugNewNormalzfs receive can fail due to processing orderSteven Hartland06/16/2013 03:40 pm

4334 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalImprove ZFS N-way mirror read performanceSteven Hartland11/17/2013 07:44 pm

3395 illumos gateFeatureNewLowadd /etc/profile.d and /etc/.login.dPaul Henson11/28/2012 12:06 am

50 siteBugNewNormalAdd transcript of conference callA Hettinger08/17/2010 11:06 pm

4785 illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalmdb crashes in ::ldi_handleDavid Höppner04/30/2014 03:51 pm

3762 illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalnawk 'continue illegal outside of loops'David Höppner05/10/2013 05:49 pm

4760 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalAdd ::mac mdb dcmdDavid Höppner04/14/2014 05:50 pm

3761 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalDatagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP) support for snoopDavid Höppner05/06/2013 09:10 am

2553 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalmac address should be a dladm link propertyDavid Höppner02/16/2014 08:52 pm

4585 illumos gateFeatureNewNormaldladm(1m) needs a 'help' subcommandDavid Höppner02/09/2014 11:43 am

3731 illumos gateFeatureFeedbackNormalUpdate nawk to version 20121220David Höppner06/23/2013 01:07 pm

1998 siteBugIn ProgressNormalstcnv needs a homeBryan Horstmann-Allen04/21/2012 05:11 am

164 siteBugFeedbackNormalCan't get from hg.illumos.orgBryan Horstmann-Allen11/07/2012 10:04 am

1026 siteBugNewNormalMove hg/git sync from random box to src.joyentBryan Horstmann-Allen05/12/2011 09:02 pm

226 siteBugIn almost never worksBryan Horstmann-Allen11/25/2011 06:18 am

2406 siteFeatureFeedbackNormalupdate development managers for illumos-userlandBryan Horstmann-Allen03/13/2012 11:31 pm

3610 OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewNormalformat does not work properlyOI illumos03/08/2013 08:46 pm

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