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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated % Done
4784 illumos gateBugNewLowwebrev contains closed build related code04/18/2014 05:56 pm

4783 OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewNormalfuse-ext2 package does not depend on libfuse04/18/2014 08:22 am

4775 illumos gateBugNewNormalTypo in getaddrinfo(3SOCKET) man page04/17/2014 05:52 pm

4774 illumos gateBugNewNormalTypos in tcp(7P) manpage04/17/2014 01:38 pm

4773 illumos gateBugNewNormaliSCSI as a boot device04/18/2014 06:14 am

4771 OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewNormalOpenIndiana hipster: 32-bit distribution is broken04/17/2014 08:58 am

4770 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalsoconfig(1M) needs an option to print the in-kernel socket configuration table04/16/2014 10:47 am

4769 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalWant implementation of uuid command04/16/2014 09:29 am

4768 illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalHandling of rfs4_start_time is fragileMarcel Telka04/19/2014 07:42 am

4762 OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureNewNormalAdd sconsOI SFW04/15/2014 09:05 am

4761 illumos gateBugNewNormalkernel panic in debug mode04/15/2014 08:48 am

4760 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalAdd ::mac mdb dcmdDavid Höppner04/14/2014 05:50 pm

4758 OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewNormallibrary/gmime should depend on library/security/gpgmeMilan Jurik04/14/2014 02:51 pm

4751 illumos gateBugNewNormalipadm(1M) should make it clear that static v6 addrs on an interface require addrconf addrs04/13/2014 03:35 pm

4750 illumos gateBugNewNormalmdb: Segfault in ::list dcmd04/12/2014 02:53 pm

4744 illumos gateBugNewNormalremove traces of /var/sadm/system/admin/default_java04/11/2014 06:41 am

4743 illumos gateBugNewNormalFix deprecated /usr/j2se usage in slp and remove from filesystem(5) manpage 04/11/2014 06:07 am

4742 illumos gateBugNewNormalupdate manifests for javadoc7 04/17/2014 05:52 am

4741 illumos gateBugNewNormalILB rule hash should consider IPv6 address as a hashing baseSerghei Samsi04/10/2014 07:07 am

4740 illumos gateBugNewNormalkstat(1M) prints wrong snaptime04/10/2014 06:36 pm

4739 OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewNormalstellarium not running04/09/2014 09:34 pm

4737 illumos gateBugNewUrgentdlmgtd process deadlocks.04/09/2014 08:14 pm

4731 illumos gateBugNewLowgetpublickey(3nsl): Remove NIS+ from the man page04/07/2014 04:25 am

4730 illumos gateBugNewNormalmetaslab group taskq should be destroyed in metaslab_group_destroy()04/04/2014 10:46 pm

4729 illumos gateBugNewNormal__rpcb_findaddr_timed should try rpcbind protocol 4 firstGary Mills04/04/2014 03:34 pm

4728 illumos gateBugNewNormalfix TIMESTAMP formatting in FM code (usr/src/cmd/fm)Serghei Samsi04/04/2014 11:37 am

4727 illumos gateBugNewNormalAssertion failed in ILB daemon: ret > 0, file ilbd_hc.c, line 1466, function ilbd_hc_child_dataSerghei Samsi04/04/2014 09:16 am

4725 illumos gateBugNewLowxdr_create(3nsl): Missing parens in synopsis for xdrrec_create()04/03/2014 07:50 pm

4724 illumos gateBugIn ProgressLowPossible memory leak in _clnt_vc_create_timed()Marcel Telka04/03/2014 07:22 pm

4722 illumos gateBugNewNormalfm/smtp-notify mails about events in previously closed cases upon fmd (re)startLauri Tirkkonen04/02/2014 06:56 pm

4720 illumos gateBugNewNormalvhangup returns int04/02/2014 03:27 pm

4719 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalupdate gate build environment to [open]jdk704/02/2014 06:49 am

4718 illumos gateBugNewNormalzfs send -R -i does not fail (or warn) if incremental source does not exist03/31/2014 12:57 pm

4717 illumos gateBugNewLowt_open(3nsl): Missing dot in the man page03/30/2014 06:22 am

4716 illumos gateBugNewLowgetopt: check for NULL before accessing argv[n][m]03/30/2014 03:20 am

4713 illumos gateBugNewLowrpc_svc_create(3nsl): "for the given program" is strange03/28/2014 11:17 pm

4712 illumos gateBugNewLowdladm manpage can't decide on "parsable" spelling03/28/2014 01:47 pm

4709 illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormallibnsl/TLI is not fork(2) safeMarcel Telka03/27/2014 06:31 pm

4707 illumos gateBugNewNormalWant an option to "zpool create" for creating bootable pools03/27/2014 10:56 am

4705 illumos gateBugNewLowfork(2): See "MT-Level of Libraries"03/26/2014 08:59 pm

4704 illumos gateBugNewLowthr_sigsetmask(3c): Minor typos in the man page03/26/2014 08:34 pm

4703 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalwould like xargs support for -P03/31/2014 07:09 pm

4702 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalwould like ::refstr04/14/2014 05:44 pm

4701 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalwould like grep context options (-A, -B, -C)03/26/2014 02:18 pm

4699 OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewNormalNo man page for nslookup03/23/2014 12:16 am

4695 illumos gateBugNewNormalnss_ad is inconsistent for some well-known SIDs03/21/2014 12:49 am

4693 siteBugNewNormalDtrace write script03/20/2014 09:16 pm

4692 illumos gateBugNewNormalls -V: The group name is truncated03/20/2014 09:10 pm

4691 illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalIP fastpath setup raceMarcel Telka03/20/2014 08:41 pm

4690 illumos gateBugNewNormalnfs4: panic while shutting down03/20/2014 03:57 pm

4683 OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewNormaloi-userland: gmake download does not work03/12/2014 11:36 pm

4678 illumos gateBugNewNormallms can probably be EOF'd03/10/2014 11:44 pm

4677 illumos gateBugNewNormalPanic on "zpool status" on OI 151a9 in mpt_sas03/10/2014 04:42 pm

4676 illumos gateBugNewLowreboot(1m) should be more vocal about what it does03/10/2014 01:39 pm

4675 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalSupport LSI 12Gb/s SAS HBAs03/09/2014 07:29 pm

4674 illumos gateBugNewLowNo need to undefine rptr in ip.c03/07/2014 09:07 pm

4673 illumos gateBugNewNormalkmdb should panic when it can't allocate during setup03/07/2014 05:49 pm

4672 OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureNewNormalpkg(5) support for HTTP proxy configuration per-mirrorOI PKG03/07/2014 10:24 am

4671 illumos gateBugNewNormalincremental "zfs send" fails from origin's origin snapshot03/06/2014 12:25 am

4670 illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalResource leak in cots_listen_event() when set_addrmask() failsMarcel Telka04/04/2014 05:45 am

4667 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalAdd ::errno mdb dcmd03/03/2014 10:22 pm

4666 illumos gateBugNewNormalsip(7p) is useless and perhaps also worthless03/02/2014 11:36 pm

4649 illumos gateBugNewLowkmem_cache_create(9f): The function should be called from _init(9e), not _fini(9e)02/28/2014 01:22 pm

4648 illumos gateBugNewLowdetach(9e): Extra space between 'prefix' and 'detach'02/28/2014 01:18 pm

4647 OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewNormalUpdated to 151 A9 - Gnome has lost all its menu bars and panels when you log inMilan Jurik02/28/2014 12:39 pm

4646 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalWant nicer messages out of mpt_sas logsRich Ercolani02/28/2014 03:21 am

4641 illumos gateBugNewLowdladm.1m misidentifies OBYTES02/27/2014 06:51 pm

4640 illumos gateBugNewLowmetaslab.c - metaslab_group_alloc_update comment is wrongKeith Wesolowski02/27/2014 03:06 pm

4635 illumos gateBugNewNormaldladm show-ether doesn't display 2.5G links properly02/26/2014 08:27 pm

4634 illumos gateBugNewNormalundocument scsi_hba_attach() and ddi_dma_lim(9s)Garrett D'Amore02/26/2014 08:08 pm

4633 illumos gateBugNewNormalclean up legacy / obsolete SCSA interfaces02/26/2014 06:53 pm

4630 illumos gateBugNewNormalclean stale references to ddi_iopb_alloc and ddi_iopb_freeGarrett D'Amore02/26/2014 07:42 pm

4629 illumos gateBugNewNormal::nlm_lockson does not work in mdb 04/12/2014 04:00 pm

4624 OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewHigh151 a8 Live DVD - Unable to login to gnome after fresh installMilan Jurik02/25/2014 02:58 pm

4619 illumos gateBugNewNormal::rwlock dump waiters in reverse order02/21/2014 11:02 pm

4618 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalAuto-Demangling of C++ Function Names (like FreeBSD)02/21/2014 03:46 pm

4617 illumos gateBugNewNormalcondvar(9f): Missing documentation for cv_reltimedwait() and cv_reltimedwait_sig()02/21/2014 07:15 am

4615 illumos gateBugNewNormalIPMI driver should attempt to use ACPI02/20/2014 09:14 pm

4614 illumos gateBugNewNormalslow zpool import causes boot-archive failure02/20/2014 03:49 pm

4613 illumos gateBugNewNormalMany functions in cmn_err.h aren't documented.02/25/2014 10:58 pm

4610 illumos gateBugNewUrgentlockd hangs02/17/2014 11:09 pm

4607 illumos gateBugNewNormalt_bind man page should list the members of netbuf struct before explaining them02/16/2014 12:38 pm

4606 illumos gateBugNewNormalssh makefile must use $(GNUXGETTEXT)Keith Wesolowski02/16/2014 07:59 am

4605 illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalglib-genmarshal should be configurableKeith Wesolowski02/16/2014 07:46 am

4604 illumos gateBugNewNormaladjunct includes should use -isystemKeith Wesolowski02/16/2014 03:25 am

4603 OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewNormalntpd tries to bind to a link-local addressOI Userland03/01/2014 02:14 am

4599 illumos gateBugNewNormalzhack dumps core trying to activate feature on imported pool02/14/2014 09:16 am

4598 illumos gateBugNewNormalfmd(1m): redzone violation: write past end of buffer02/14/2014 07:24 am

4597 illumos gateBugNewNormalrge on illumos (version used by OpenIndiana 151a9) not working02/14/2014 04:39 am

4593 illumos gateBugNewNormalnfs3 clients can write underneath child zfs folderMarcel Telka02/15/2014 12:00 am

4590 OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureNewNormalAdd diagnostic/lft tool02/10/2014 12:52 pm

4589 illumos gateBugNewHighKernel panic on using iSCSI target on same host02/10/2014 03:28 pm

4588 illumos gateBugNewHighzfs send blocked until device of zpool is taken offline02/10/2014 11:08 am

4583 illumos gateBugNewNormalidmap set-namemap sometimes core dumps02/07/2014 04:29 pm

4581 illumos gateBugNewNormalSMF reports non-obvious error when switching to user with nonexistent home directory02/20/2014 12:53 pm

4580 illumos gateBugNewNormalgrep doesn't work correctly with non-english text02/11/2014 04:34 am

4578 illumos gateBugNewNormalvalidate_pkg probably has no reason to care about file permissionsRich Lowe02/05/2014 06:17 pm

4577 illumos gateBugNewNormalpfexec's error reporting is (at least sometimes) awful02/05/2014 04:26 pm

4569 illumos gateBugNewNormalSync zfs/zpool help messages with manpagesAdam Števko02/04/2014 08:07 pm

4567 illumos gateBugIn ProgressNormalLong RPC messages could confuse kernel and cause panicMarcel Telka02/04/2014 07:27 pm

4566 illumos gateBugNewNormalProblem: deadlock in gnome-control-center when activating desktop effectsMilan Jurik02/04/2014 07:18 pm

4563 OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewLowInstallation: Territory selection is only limited to countries of the selected languageOI Caiman02/06/2014 03:21 pm

4562 OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewNormalNeed a package to deliver GCC runtime librariesOI Userland02/17/2014 05:12 am

4550 OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewHighError updateOI PKG03/13/2014 08:27 am

4549 OpenIndiana DistributionBugIn ProgressHighAnnotations visible on locked screenMilan Jurik01/30/2014 07:30 pm

4545 illumos gateBugNewNormal_t_create(): Use after free in error code pathsMarcel Telka03/25/2014 01:21 am

4543 siteBugNewNormaltesting 201/29/2014 07:39 am

4542 siteBugNewNormalpost relevant github commits to issuesJoshua Clulow01/29/2014 05:24 am

4541 illumos gateBugNewNormalCreation or Removal of iscsi target portal groups results with return code that is invalid01/28/2014 02:59 pm

4539 illumos gateBugIn ProgressLow_t_checkfd() should not call find_tilink() if force_sync is setMarcel Telka03/31/2014 03:40 pm

4538 illumos gateBugNewNormalflowadm man page does not list lport and rport as output fields for show-flow01/27/2014 06:29 pm

4537 illumos gateBugNewNormal'flowadm show-flowprop' command output shows possible values of property as '?' if not set01/27/2014 06:00 pm

4536 illumos gateBugNewNormalfma output messages should not refer to Sun or OracleGarrett D'Amore01/27/2014 05:02 pm

4535 illumos gateBugNewLowt_optmgmt(3nsl): Formatting issue01/27/2014 06:37 am

4534 OpenIndiana SFEBugNewNormalllvm 3.3 (Build 5.11- depends on GCC 4.6.3 but SFE installs GCC 4.6.401/27/2014 12:35 am

4531 illumos gateBugNewHighCIFS share (read-only) unable to mount under linux (debian)01/25/2014 12:15 pm

4530 illumos gateBugNewNormalKerberos implementation should be updated01/25/2014 12:53 am

4529 illumos gateBugNewNormalrange_tree_{add,remove} panic messages are misleading01/25/2014 12:29 am

4528 illumos gateBugNewLowspace_map.h entry layout comment is wrongKeith Wesolowski01/24/2014 07:56 pm

4527 illumos gateBugNewNormalDuplication of code between sbdadm.c and stmfadm.c01/25/2014 01:34 am

4523 illumos gateBugNewLowzfs manpage has somewhat ambiguous language01/24/2014 02:35 pm

4521 illumos gateBugNewNormalzfstest is trying to execute evil "zfs unmount -a"01/24/2014 12:01 am

4520 illumos gateBugNewNormalzfstest: zfs_acl_chmod_inherit_003_pos failed01/24/2014 06:58 am

4518 illumos gateBugNewNormal/usr/lib/nfs/lockd: [daemon.error] Cannot establish NLM service over <file desc. 9, protocol udp> : I/O error. Exiting01/28/2014 11:32 pm

4517 illumos gateBugNewNormalLocking the same file over NFS from a Linux client by multiple processes could cause 30 seconds delay accumulatively if the NFS server machine has more than one IPv4 interface.02/11/2014 02:35 pm

4516 illumos gateBugNewNormalfindunref should run in the normal buildRich Lowe01/23/2014 03:30 am

4514 illumos gateBugNewLowk5srvutil(1m): The default keytab file is /etc/krb5/krb5.keytab01/22/2014 03:28 pm

4513 illumos gateBugNewNormalNFS client does not notice kerberos ticket change01/21/2014 11:32 pm

4508 illumos gateBugNewNormalflowadm not working as documented, or documentation incorrect01/18/2014 06:33 pm

4503 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalsnoop(1m): Support for Kerberos is needed01/17/2014 03:41 pm

4502 illumos gateFeatureNewLowsnoop(1m): Support for iSCSI is needed01/17/2014 03:34 pm

4501 OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewNormal/hipster localization issuesOI G11n02/03/2014 07:09 am

4482 OpenIndiana DistributionBugIn ProgressNormalmutt segfault at imap_fetch_message+0x6af()Marcel Telka01/25/2014 09:20 pm

4467 illumos gateBugNewNormalkadmind: segfault in acquire_accept_cred+0x140()01/15/2014 08:46 am

4466 OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewNormal/hipster: package timezone overlapped with package zoneinfo (or v.v?)Andrzej Szeszo01/14/2014 06:49 pm

4465 illumos gateBugNewNormalzpool(1M) is able to offline cache vdevs despite what man page says01/14/2014 04:27 am

4461 illumos gateBugNewNormalcertain objects are irregularly wsdiff false positives01/13/2014 06:25 pm

4460 illumos gateBugNewNormaliscsiadm(1m): Option -a not documented for iscsiadm modify target-param01/12/2014 07:31 pm

4455 illumos gateBugNewHighKernel panic on kernel panic of remote Illumos provided storage FC LUN01/13/2014 12:59 pm

4454 illumos gateBugNewHighKernel panic on switching off SAS disk shelf, assertion failed: ldi_strategy01/13/2014 12:56 pm

4453 illumos gateBugNewNormaldriver/storage/sdcard package missing driver for sdcard01/12/2014 01:03 pm

4451 illumos gateBugNewNormallibfmevent man pages wanted01/10/2014 06:50 am

4450 illumos gateBugNewLowpointless condfree in libfmnotify01/10/2014 06:43 am

4449 illumos gateBugNewNormalOfflined vdevs are online after reboot01/10/2014 11:46 pm

4448 illumos gateBugNewNormal'zfs diff' misprints unicode characters01/09/2014 05:45 am

4447 illumos gateBugNewLowrpc_control(3nsl): info should be italic, not bold01/08/2014 01:41 pm

4442 illumos gateBugNewNormalt_bind() does not return negotiated qlen for /dev/tcp01/07/2014 06:32 pm

4441 illumos gateBugNewNormalnfsd(1m) and nfs(4) man pages needs updates01/07/2014 05:04 pm

4440 illumos gateBugNewNormalMan page for lockd(1m) is needed01/07/2014 02:31 pm

4438 OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureNewLowJitsi (Open Source Skype replacement)OI SFW01/07/2014 05:43 pm

4437 illumos gateBugNewNormalsys/socket.h cmsg headers and macros not visible with __EXTENSIONS__12/31/2013 12:01 pm

4435 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalfeature request: add ld -z discard-unused=12/27/2013 08:36 am

4434 OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewNormalfm/smtp-notify service fails to start if using postfix instead of sendmail on /hipsterOI PKG01/06/2014 08:37 am

4433 illumos gateBugNewNormalGreen screen on startup, but nothing else01/29/2014 01:46 am

4432 illumos gateBugNewHigh151a7 Panic on boot 12/25/2013 04:47 am

4423 illumos gateBugNewHighkernel panic stmf12/24/2013 05:20 pm

4422 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalshutdown(1m) should support -r optionAlexander Eremin12/24/2013 12:51 pm

4421 illumos gateBugNewNormalneed a flowstat manual page12/24/2013 10:35 am

4420 illumos gateBugNewNormalflowstat usage message is incorrect12/24/2013 10:32 am

4418 illumos gateBugNewNormalsvc.startd crash with a long instance name and more than one dependencyDan Vatca12/23/2013 08:53 pm

4417 illumos-userlandBugNewNormalApache 2.2.25 + php54 + Segmentation fault (metapackages/amp)12/23/2013 11:33 am

4414 illumos gateBugNewNormalsmb client may use large read/write when it should not12/22/2013 08:57 pm

4412 illumos gateBugNewNormalislower()/isupper()/isalpha()/... functions should return 0 for symbols 128-255 in UTF-8 locales12/23/2013 07:22 pm

4410 illumos gateBugFeedbackNormalbeadm unsupported to destroy ZBE-x in zone12/21/2013 05:43 pm

4406 illumos gateBugNewNormalipadm create-if fails if /etc/ipadm/ipadm.conf doesn't exist12/19/2013 03:58 pm

4405 OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureNewNormalAdd Apache 2.4 to hipsterOI Userland01/24/2014 08:16 pm

4404 OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewHighPCI(-X) Express Fatal Error (0x43) trace observed during probe of Ethernet AdapterOI illumos12/21/2013 07:41 pm

4403 illumos gateBugNewNormalmpt_sas panic when pulling a drive03/03/2014 09:46 pm

4402 illumos gateBugNewNormalkernel panic at boot: assertion failed: lwptoregs(lwp) == rp12/15/2013 04:40 pm

4400 illumos gateBugNewNormalkernel panic12/13/2013 05:12 pm

4399 illumos gateBugNewNormalmpt_sas should not do tasw12/13/2013 09:22 am

4397 OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureNewNormalRealtek RTL8191SE Wireless LAN Not RecognizedOI illumos12/21/2013 07:17 pm

4396 illumos gateBugNewLowman pages for system calls are missing in a zone12/12/2013 04:59 pm

4395 illumos gateBugNewNormal"svcadm restart" should be identical to "svcadm disable; svcadm enable"12/18/2013 08:56 am

4394 illumos gateBugNewNormalsvc_create(3nsl) registers with garbage address12/12/2013 09:55 am

4393 illumos gateBugNewLow/etc/rpc: 100133 and 100169 should be added12/12/2013 09:29 am

4392 illumos gateBugNewNormalwant EUC-JP iconv support12/12/2013 01:52 am

4389 illumos gateBugNewLowwebrev should fetch preparer info from git if availableIvan Richwalski12/11/2013 04:00 pm

4388 OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewNormalNew IPS issuesOI PKG12/13/2013 05:26 pm

4386 illumos gateBugNewLowhosts_access(4): A sentence should be moved out of the table12/09/2013 02:59 pm

4384 illumos gateBugNewNormalnfsv4 server issueMarcel Telka12/09/2013 09:03 am

4381 illumos gateBugNewLowlibwrap's *_severity references should be something other than NODIRECT12/05/2013 06:31 am

4380 illumos gateBugNewNormaliscsiadm usage message should be other side of privilege checks12/04/2013 10:12 pm

4379 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalfdisk(1M) should work on anything12/04/2013 08:03 pm

4377 OpenIndiana still points to oi151aAlasdair Lumsden02/07/2014 04:25 pm

4376 illumos gateBugNewHighsystem crash if run as a guest in KVM with passthroughBayard Bell03/21/2014 03:58 am

4367 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalMove SMF management commands and libraries into root filesystem /sbin and /lib11/30/2013 07:32 am

4365 illumos gateBugNewNormalBad LANG environment breaks libcurses buildTheo Schlossnagle11/27/2013 10:24 pm

4363 illumos gateBugNewNormalAfter hard reboot last(1) reports wrong boot time11/27/2013 01:32 pm

4362 OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureNewNormalRequest WPA2 for wireless NICOI illumos12/04/2013 07:03 pm

4361 illumos gateBugNewNormalFix network/physical SMF methods to work in absence of /usr filesystemJim Klimov11/30/2013 03:28 pm

4359 illumos gateBugNewNormalls(1) describes -c | -v rather than -/ c | v11/25/2013 09:54 pm

4358 illumos gateBugNewLowsyslog(3c) man page refers non-existent printf(3ucb)02/21/2014 12:22 am

4355 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalImprove "pkg update" to retain customized ZFS attributes when making a BE clone11/24/2013 10:56 pm

4354 OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureNewNormalUpdate Caiman to offer split-root installations as an optionOI Caiman11/24/2013 10:45 pm

4353 OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureNewNormalUpdate Caiman installer to allow installation into an existing root pool and dataset hierarchyOI Caiman11/24/2013 10:36 pm

4351 illumos gateBugNewNormalFix packaging for ksh93 so it is delivered into /sbin/sh not as a symlink11/25/2013 06:12 pm

4350 illumos gateBugNewNormalzfs receive -F to a filesystem with mountpoint=none and dependents triggers assertion failure02/11/2014 04:13 am

4349 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalfeature request: ld options -z,noexecstack and -z,relro11/23/2013 05:50 pm

4348 illumos gateBugNewNormalAssertion failed: rn->rn_nozpool == B_FALSE, file ../common/libzfs_import.c, line 1080, function zpool_open_func11/23/2013 04:59 pm

4339 illumos gateBugNewLowNIS+ should be removed from man pages too11/19/2013 11:07 am

4334 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalImprove ZFS N-way mirror read performanceSteven Hartland11/17/2013 07:44 pm

4333 illumos gateBugNewNormalscsi_vhci(7D) man page is needed11/17/2013 07:24 pm

4331 OpenIndiana DistributionFeatureNewLowSFW librariesOI Userland11/17/2013 06:44 pm

4328 illumos gateBugNewLowsigprocmask(2): Talking about 'how', but do not confess so11/14/2013 01:15 pm

4325 illumos gateBugNewLowrpc_svc_calls(3nsl): svc_getrpccaller() description should be improved11/13/2013 10:40 pm

4324 illumos gateBugNewLowhosts_access(3): Missing symlinks for hosts_ctl, request_init, and request_set11/13/2013 10:17 pm

4322 illumos gateBugNewUrgentZFS deadlock on dp_config_rwlock11/15/2013 12:41 am

4321 illumos gateBugNewNormalrpc_svc_calls(3nsl): svc_run() can return11/13/2013 01:36 pm

4320 illumos gateBugNewLowrpc_svc_reg(3nsl): svc_pollfd is modified too11/13/2013 12:09 pm

4319 OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewNormalMost administration GUIs cannot be activatedMilan Jurik04/03/2014 03:44 pm

4318 illumos gateBugNewNormalzfs panic: BAD TRAP occurred in module "unix" due to an illegal access to a user address11/13/2013 05:00 am

4317 illumos gateBugNewNormalNo audio from speakers on some laptops using audiohdGordon Ross11/12/2013 07:52 pm

4316 illumos gateBugNewNormalLoud "splat" at boot time on Dell Precision M4500Gordon Ross03/18/2014 10:36 am

4315 illumos gateBugNewNormalmpt_sas panic: BAD TRAP: type=d (#gp General protection)11/12/2013 11:38 am

4313 OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewNormalMariaDB doesn't provide all dtrace probesAlexander Pyhalov11/11/2013 08:04 pm

4312 illumos gateBugNewLowDumps to USB storage report success but appear to not actually be written11/18/2013 06:10 pm

4310 illumos gateBugNewNormalAnother mpt_sas panic12/16/2013 07:45 pm

4309 illumos gateBugNewLowFreeBSD Clang warnings, libzfs11/11/2013 06:16 pm

4306 illumos gateBugNewLowrpc_svc_calls(3nsl): Messed svc_sendreply/svc_max_pollfd11/07/2013 07:51 pm

4305 illumos gateBugNewLowrpc(3nsl): svc_sendreply is in rpc_svc_calls(3nsl)12/24/2013 10:31 am

4296 illumos gateBugNewNormaldtrace -G mistakingly asigns a function type to symbols11/07/2013 01:16 am

4291 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalIPD needs "reorder"11/06/2013 03:23 am

4287 illumos gateBugNewLowFreeBSD Clang reports warning, libctf11/04/2013 09:01 pm

4286 illumos gateBugNewNormalhermon driver hangs booting11/04/2013 08:30 pm

4284 illumos gateBugNewLowFreeBSD Clang reports warning, libnvpair11/04/2013 04:10 pm

4281 illumos gateBugNewHighnhm and nhmex are dangerousGarrett D'Amore10/31/2013 04:10 pm

4275 OpenIndiana logo links to stillAndrzej Szeszo12/10/2013 08:41 pm

4272 illumos gateBugNewNormalNFSv4 server: OPEN/CLAIM_DELEGATE_CUR ignores directory and file10/24/2013 09:52 pm

4271 illumos gateBugNewNormalNFSv4 server: delegations should be recalled before the nbl_conflict() call10/24/2013 08:56 pm

4269 OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewNormalNeed to bump packet version in libraries introducing new symbol versionsAndrzej Szeszo12/11/2013 04:56 pm

4268 illumos gateBugNewNormalzfs, genuinx or unix NULL pointer dereference10/24/2013 02:55 pm

4262 illumos gateBugNewNormalNFSv4 server: DELEGPURGE violates RFC10/23/2013 01:05 pm

4259 illumos gateBugNewNormalNFSv4 server should handle the server edge conditions10/22/2013 11:36 am

4256 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalwant '-s' flag for svcadm restart so that we know whether or not restart method succeeded10/22/2013 01:00 am

4255 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalwant flag for svcadm to allow operator to override method timeout10/22/2013 12:59 am

4240 illumos gateBugNewLowlofs(7fs): Missing quotes10/19/2013 07:41 am

4234 illumos gateBugNewNormalPATH=/usr/gnu/bin:$PATH breaks things10/24/2013 02:28 am

4231 OpenIndiana DistributionBugIn ProgressNormalmutt segfault at index_color+0x80()Marcel Telka01/15/2014 07:26 am

4230 illumos gateBugNewNormalzpool import panics system04/06/2014 05:16 am

4228 illumos gateBugNewNormalchmod(1): SFI NFSv4 ACL inheritance flags are not documented10/17/2013 10:50 pm

4224 illumos gateBugNewNormalPossible null pointer dereference in mptsas_hash_add()10/17/2013 02:39 pm

4223 illumos gateFeatureNewNormaltolerate world-readable closed_binsGordon Ross10/17/2013 06:09 pm

4222 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalFactor out maxjobs default stuff from env file(s)Gordon Ross10/17/2013 02:12 pm

4221 illumos gateFeatureNewNormalHelper script for building under JenkinsGordon Ross10/17/2013 02:10 pm

4219 illumos gateBugNewNormal zfs: allocating allocated segment 10/17/2013 02:19 am

4216 illumos gateBugNewNormallibraries should not manipulate the system logRich Lowe10/16/2013 08:12 pm

4214 illumos gateBugNewNormalzfs destroy -Rnv doesn't show recursion10/16/2013 06:06 pm

4213 illumos gateBugNewLowMissing spaces in man pages01/25/2014 12:21 am

4203 illumos gateBugNewNormalfopen(3c): POSIX violation in a documented way10/12/2013 09:24 pm

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