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6315illumos gateBugNewNormaltaskq kstat uses the wrong labelRobert Mustacchi2015-10-09 10:01 PM

6314illumos gateBugNewNormalbuffer overflow in dsl_dataset_name2015-10-09 11:49 AM

6311illumos gateBugNewNormaltimer_create(3C) contains misspellings 'SIGALARM' and 'tolerence'Cody Mello2015-10-08 09:54 PM

6309illumos gateBugNewNormalif_mpadm(1M) misspells command name as 'if_mpdadm' in exampleCody Mello2015-10-08 09:52 PM

6307illumos gateBugNewLow"This Solaris instance" --> should be "This illumos instance"2015-10-08 02:16 PM

6306illumos gateBugNewLowkernel could use common toupper/tolower2015-10-08 02:09 PM

6299illumos gateBugNewNormalSATA inquiry property generation doesn't work as advertisedHans Rosenfeld2015-10-08 01:37 PM

6304illumos gateFeatureNewNormaliostat(1M) should be able to handle KSTAT_DATA_STRINGHans Rosenfeld2015-10-08 10:55 AM

6302illumos gateBugNewNormalkstat module needs cleanupHans Rosenfeld2015-10-08 10:52 AM

6284illumos gateBugNewNormalCan remove struct __old_fpu from intel/sys/reset.h2015-10-04 04:58 PM

6269illumos gateBugNewNormalmismatch between manpage /etc/timezone and actual file (symlink) /etc/TIMEZONE2015-10-01 04:05 PM

6278illumos gateBugNewLowrpc_svc_reg(3nsl): Arguments for the dispatch() function should be documented2015-10-01 01:25 PM

6270illumos gateBugNewLownetdir(3nsl): struct hostserv should be changed to struct nd_hostserv2015-09-30 09:01 PM

6265illumos gateFeatureNewNormalspeed up mount/umountArne Jansen2015-09-28 06:30 AM

6262illumos gateBugNewLowsmf(5): last_import should be changed to last-import2015-09-24 05:01 PM

6261illumos gateBugNewLowFix for 6198 overlooked NULL abuse in svr4pkg/libinst/mntinfo.c2015-09-24 11:32 AM

6243illumos gateBugNewLowkstat_create(9f) man page should document KSTAT_FLAG_VAR_SIZE2015-09-18 05:54 PM

6241illumos gateBugNewLowMinor typo in mount_nfs(1m) man page2015-09-17 02:57 PM

6240illumos gateBugNewLowpkcs11_mech2keytype returns incorrect key type for CKM_DH_PKCS_PARAMETER_GEN2015-09-17 02:05 PM

6169illumos gateBugNewLowlibfakekernel: Unexpected ENAMETOOLONG from copystr()Damian Wojslaw2015-09-16 03:56 PM

6162illumos gateBugNewNormalutimes(2) man page is staleDamian Wojslaw2015-09-16 11:28 AM

6193illumos gateBugNewNormalmanpages incorrectly referencing NGROUPS_UMAXDamian Wojslaw2015-09-16 10:08 AM

5659illumos gateBugNewNormalin the manual page for zpool(1), one misuse of the word 'zpool' to describe a pool2015-09-05 05:11 AM

6200illumos gateBugNewNormalgit-pbchk manlint regexp could be improvedToomas Soome2015-09-03 04:09 PM

6199illumos gateBugNewLowrpc(3nsl): The XDR structure formatting needs improvements2015-09-03 02:34 PM

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