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6171illumos gateBugNewNormaldsl_prop_unregister() slows down dataset eviction.2015-08-29 02:30 AM

6170siteBugNewNormalattempted to kmem_alloc() size of 0 in nfs_acl_dup_cache2015-08-28 08:42 PM

6169illumos gateBugNewLowlibfakekernel: Unexpected ENAMETOOLONG from copystr()2015-08-28 12:48 PM

6168illumos gateBugNewLowstrlcpy() does not return s12015-08-28 11:07 AM

6166illumos gateBugNewNormalfix MSI-X support in virtio driver2015-08-26 01:02 PM

6165illumos gateBugNewNormalgrub incorrectly interprets result of INT 15h, AX=EC00h2015-08-26 12:51 PM

6162illumos gateBugNewNormalutimes(2) man page is stale2015-08-25 07:56 PM

6161illumos gateBugNewNormalspa_load_l2cache() crashes trying to perform zero-sized allocation2015-08-28 08:45 PM

6160illumos gateBugNewHigh/usr/lib/fs/zfs/bootinstall should use bootadmToomas Soome2015-08-24 01:46 PM

6159illumos gateBugNewNormallibbe should proactively handle future architectures2015-08-23 02:56 PM

6158illumos gateBugNewNormallibbe needs snprintf() overflow checking2015-08-23 02:56 PM

6157OpenIndiana DistributionBugNewNormallinux guests get strage IDE & virtio errorsOI Userland2015-08-23 02:25 PM

6156illumos gateBugNewNormalSpurious "Unable to set CLSET_NODELAYONERR"Dan McDonald2015-08-24 07:14 PM

6155illumos gateBugNewNormalsegspt_ops can be staticJosef Sipek2015-08-21 01:32 PM

6154illumos gateBugNewNormalconst-ify segment ops structuresJosef Sipek2015-08-21 01:32 PM

6153illumos gateBugNewNormaluse NULL pagelock segop as a shorthand for ENOTSUPJosef Sipek2015-08-21 01:31 PM

6152illumos gateBugNewNormaluse NULL dump segop as a shorthand for no-opJosef Sipek2015-08-21 01:30 PM

6151illumos gateBugNewNormaluse NULL setpagesize segop as a shorthand for ENOTSUPJosef Sipek2015-08-21 01:29 PM

6150illumos gateBugNewNormaluse NULL getmemid segop as a shorthand for ENODEVJosef Sipek2015-08-21 01:29 PM

6149illumos gateBugNewNormaluse NULL capable segop as a shorthand for no-capabilitiesJosef Sipek2015-08-21 01:28 PM

6148illumos gateBugNewNormallgrp: getpolicy seg op has been around long enoughJosef Sipek2015-08-21 01:27 PM

6147illumos gateBugNewNormalsegop_getpolicy already checks for a NULL opJosef Sipek2015-08-21 01:26 PM

6146illumos gateBugNewNormalseg_inherit_notsup is redundantJosef Sipek2015-08-21 01:23 PM

6145illumos gateBugNewNormalinstead using SEGOP_* macros, define full-fledged segop_* functionsJosef Sipek2015-08-21 01:37 PM

6144illumos gateBugNewNormaluse C99 initializers in segment ops structuresJosef Sipek2015-08-21 02:09 PM

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