Feature #5916

Updated by Gordon Ross about 7 years ago

The embedded copy of sqlite 2.8.15 used by svccfgd, idmapd, and smbd, is 
 currently built as a relocatable object    and linked with svccfgd and idmapd. 
 This was an extremist effort to prevent 3rd party applications from finding 
 and using the system's libsqlite shared object (if it were to use one). 

 Unfortunately, that really makes life much more difficult than it needs to be 
 when debugging either idmap or svc.configd code, as there's no easy way to 
 get dtrace probes in just the (real) main program and not all the libsqlite code. 
 It also slows edit, compile, debug cycles when dealing with these consumers. 

 Let's go ahead and let svc.configd and idmapd use a real shared object for 
 libsqlite.    Note that smbd already builds and installs a 
 (though not in a place applications normally look).  

 As for preventing 3rd party applications from using it: 
 It should be enough to just not install a *.so link for this library 
 and use a name that won't conflict with*