Bug #6278

Updated by Marcel Telka over 5 years ago

The rpc_svc_reg(3nsl) man page is missing a description of the dispatch function arguments. 

 In addition, there There are few minor typos here in the rpc_svc_reg(3nsl) man page: 

        int svc_reg(const SVCXPRT *xprt, const rpcprog_t prognum, const 
        rpcvers_t versnum, const void (*dispatch)(), const struct netconfig 
            Associates prognum and versnum with the service dispatch procedure, 
            dispatch. If netconf is NULL, the service is not registered with 
            the rpcbind service.    For example, if a service has already been 
            registered using some other means, such as inetd (see    inetd(1M)), 
            it will not need to be registered again. If netconf is non-zero, 
            then a mapping of the triple [prognum,    versnum, netconf->] to 
            xprt-> xp_ltaddr is established with the local rpcbind service. 

            The svc_reg() routine returns 1 if it succeeds, and 0 otherwise. 

 First, the "netconf->]" should be changed to "netconf]". 

 Second, the space before xp_ltaddr should be removed.