Feature #6536

Updated by Andrew Stormont over 4 years ago

We recently ran into an issue where we were unable to zfs recv from systems with the fix for 6393 (zfs receive a full send as a clone) which introduced a new DRR flag (DRR_FLAG_FREERECORDS). (DDR_FLAG_FREERECORDS). It turns out we added a flag with the same value and now we have a conflict. We will change the value to something else, in the meantime we need a way to generate streams that don't include DRR_FLAG_FREERECORDS. DDR_FLAG_FREERECORDS.

It seems that it might also be desireable to have support for generating streams without free records for other reasons, such as in cases where we definitely know that the receiving end is not receiving the stream as a clone. An example of this might be when using some kind of automatic replication process. I propose that we add a new option to zfs send (-F) that turns off sending of free records.