Bug #7852

Updated by Andrew Stormont over 4 years ago

The svccfg restore fails with "Invalid input." because it is unable to parse the FMA events stored in the "notification_parameters" section of the archive. 

 root@omnios:~/illumos-gate# svccfg archive -a > /tmp/archive.xml  
 root@omnios:~/illumos-gate# svccfg restore /tmp/archive.xml  
 svccfg: Invalid input. 

 This is because the parser doesn't recognise SCF_NOTIFY_PG_POSTFIX.    This is something used internally and is added on restore.    The archive logic should not be exporting it. 

 root@omnios:~# svccfg 
 svc:/system/fm/notify-params> select notify-params:default 
 svc:/system/fm/notify-params:default> listpg 
 general                   framework 
 list.suspect,fmnotify     notify_params 
 list.repaired,fmnotify    notify_params 
 list.resolved,fmnotify    notify_params 
 restarter                 framework 	 NONPERSISTENT 
 restarter_actions         framework 	 NONPERSISTENT 

 Before change the events in the notification_parameters section look like this: 

 <event value='list.suspect,fmnotify'/> 
 The "fmnotify" suffix is the SCF_NOTIFY_PG_POSTFIX. After the change: 
 <event value='list.suspect'/> 
 The restore code is able to parse this.