Bug #8098

Updated by Marcel Telka almost 3 years ago

All @xdr_simple(3nsl)@ and @xdr_complex(3nsl)@ functions can succeed only in a case when @xdrs->x_op@ is either @XDR_ENCODE@, @XDR_DECODE@, or @XDR_FREE@. For all other values in @xdrs->x_op@ they fails. This is not true in the following cases:

# the @xdr_hyper(3nsl)@ function functions always succeeds for undefined @xdrs->x_op@ values,
# the @xdr_opaque(3nsl)@ function always succeeds when @cnt@ is 0,
# both @xdr_reference(3nsl)@ and @xdr_vector(3nsl)@ functions could succeed for undefined @xdrs->x_op@ values in a case the passed @xdrproc_t@ routine succeeds for undefined @xdrs->x_op@ values.

For convenience we should harden all of the above cases.