Bug #8089

Updated by Marcel Telka about 4 years ago

The @RQCRED_SIZE@ macro is internal for @libnsl(3lib)@ and it should not be used by the @libnsl(3lib)@ consumers. 

 In the @rpc(3nsl)@ man page it is documented that @rq_clntcred@ is a pointer to the _read only cooked cred_.    IOW it means that the @rq_clntcred@ field contains a valid pointer to the appropriate structure with the auth parameters.    The @libnsl(3lib)@ consumers have no reason to check (or assert) the size of such structures against any (arbitrary) values, like @RQCRED_SIZE@.    Unfortunately, with the #8085 fix many (if not all) @libnsl(3lib)@ consumers were modified modiefied to do such asserts.    This is plain wrong.    If there is any problem with the size of the auth parameters structure(s) the @libnsl(3lib)@ should act appropriately internally.    If it does not, it should be fixed, similarly as it was done in #8085 by increasing of the @RQCRED_SIZE@ value from 400 to 700.