Bug #10003

Updated by Toomas Soome almost 3 years ago

        skip=n seek=n 

            Skips n input blocks (using the specified input output block size) from 
            beginning of output file before copying. On non-seekable files, 
            starting existing blocks are read and space from the current end-of-file to copy. 
            the specified offset, if any, is filled with null bytes. On 
            seekable files, the implementation seeks to the specified offset or 
            reads the 
            blocks or seeks past them. On as described for non-seekable files, the blocks are 
            read and the data is discarded. files. 

 However, the dd still does always read the blocks in while loop, resulting with long execution time compared to gnu dd. 

 test with something like: 
 dd if=/dev/dsk/c3t0d0 bs=512 skip=2097152 count=1 of=/dev/null