Bug #12250

Updated by Marcel Telka almost 2 years ago

The @zonestat_usage()@ function in @zonestat@ prints half of the usage to @stderr@ and half of it to @stdout@: 

 $ /usr/bin/zonestat 2>/dev/null 
     -T      Print timestamp. Valid timestamps are: 
               "d"         Date as specifed by date(1) command 
               "u"         Unix time as returned by time(2) 
               "i"         ISO 8601 timestamp "YYYYMMDDThhmmssZ" 
     -R      Print reports at end or after each report interval. 
             Valid reports are: 
               "total"     Usage of each zone 
               "average" Usage of each zone while running 
               "high"      Maximum usage of each zone 
     -q      Quiet.    Do not print intervals.    Only print reports. 
     -p      Machine parseable output. 
     -P      Select desired lines in parseable output. 
               "resource"          Lines describing each resource 
               "total"     Total usage of each resource 
               "system"    System usage of each resource 
               "zones"     Per-zone usage of each resource 
               "header"    Header lines between intervals and reports 
     -S      Sort output by the specified columns: 
               "name"      by name alphanumerically 
               "used"      by percent of resource used 
               "cap"       by configured cap 
               "pcap"      by percent of cap used 
               "shr"       by shares configured 
               "pshru"     by percent of share used 
               "cpu"       Sort summary by cpu 
               "physical-memory" Sort summary by physical memory 
               "virtual-memory"    Sort summary by virtual memory 

 We should make sure that the whole @zonestat@ usage goes consistently either to @stderr@ or @stdout@. @stderr@.