Feature #12680

Updated by Patrick Mooney 3 months ago

As part of the bhyve porting effort, support for PCI pass-thru was wired up in the illumos version.
This represents the upstreaming effort for the consolidated commits to implement the change

The PPT-related SmartOS issues it's comprised of:
- "OS-6674": port bhyve pci-passthru to illumos
- "OS-6685": bhyve ppt should facilitate PCI access
- "OS-6771": ppt device nodes sometimes disappear after module unloading
- "OS-6855": bhyve ppt should verify BAR mappings
- "OS-6738": bhyve ppt should not use /dev/mem
- "OS-6894": set passthru flag when ppt devices are assigned to a VM
- "OS-6760": bhyve passthru devices should use physical path
- "OS-7528": update bhyve pkg manifest from OmniOS
- "OS-7572": bhyve: stop shipping and
- "OS-6937": support large page mapping for bhyve IOMMU domains
- "OS-6740": bhyve vtd leaks mapping resources
- "OS-7031": panic in ppt_bar_crawl()
- "OS-7074": deadlock with vmm_detach() and iommu_cleanup()

It also includes pieces from bhyve-general SmartOS updates which covered bhyve, viona, and PPT.