Bug #12957

Updated by Paul Winder almost 2 years ago

Some of the network management commands when used against i40e interfaces are slow. Eg 

 |set-linkprop -p mtu aggr|10m| 
 |create-if i40e|20s| 
 |delete-if i40e|10s| 

 The majority of the time is caused by a misprogrammed delay used in ring teardown. The command is similar to: 
 /* delay 50ms */ 
 delay(50 * drv_usectohz(1000)) 
 This is supposed to delay by 50ms .... but if is the tick is 100Hz (so not set to highres tick), this ends up being 500ms. And when there is this delay for every ring and there are 256 rings, that's 128s.