Bug #13168

Updated by Robert Mustacchi about 1 month ago

There's a comment at the top of the @mac_prop_id_t@ enumeration: 

 * Please append properties to the end of this list. Do not reorder the list. 

 However, the last entry in it right now is @MAC_PROP_PRIVATE = -1@. If one actually followed the instruction and placed it at the actual end, that'd do the wrong thing. Instead, we should just put it at the top so that way the instructions can remain valid and reduce the risk of someone doing something wrong in the future. 

 To test this, I ran a wsdiff, and the only thing that's not in the noise was the change to the mac header itself. Everything else was identical, which is what we'd expect. I also used @ctfdump -c@ to dump the mac kernel module to verify that the CTF was similar. The only difference was the order of the enumerations, but the values of the enumeration itself did not change.